Sunday, October 30, 2005

You Want A Mini Van?

Oh, we have a serious problems here. I am talking monumental style issues. Apparently I have taught my daughter nothing in the last three years. Want to know what she asked me for today?

A minivan. (I dramatically clench my hand over heart here.)

After spending the last 10+ years swearing up and down that I would never own a minivan..just can't cave to that level of "my life in suburbia as a preschool chauffering, tap dance watching, Elmo Sings The Show Tunes listening" reality. My kid tells me she wants a minivan, she likes red and thinks we need a door that slides instead of swings. What? Is this because I have sent her to the conservative preschool run by the Lutherns? If so, I'm backing out next week and researching tree hugging montessori.

How could she for just one minute want a minivan over our Black Beauty? A 1999 bad ass black Dodge Durango. It has a slight dent in the front bumper which makes it look even cooler...sort of like Black Beauty is snarling. (Ok, the truckster is paid off and fixing the dent would cost me a minimum of $500, oh and not to mention the fact that I will have to competely own up to the fact the dent was my fault. Just can't go there.)

Note to my van lusting gal:

Oh no, my sweet little suburbanite. We will not be opting for the minivan just yet. Beauty has a few good years left in her. And you obviously need a lesson in not being sweetly enticed by the thought of DVD on the road. Or the fabulous sliding door. No, my pet you will just have to deal with...cds. Yes, music only. I know it is so "yesterday" for you contemporary 3 year olds but Barney and Dora will have to tough it out at home...alone!

And to think that I was the mother who thought she wanted her children to have their own opinions and thoughts about life and cars. Well sorry, I gotta pull the plug on this one.


Johnny said...

Hey, I'm in the same boat. I have to contemplate trading in my 2001 Honda Accord that is fully paid off and only needs to be gassed up once every two weeks. Since I'm not willing to shell out $30K for a van, my only option seems to be a Honda Element. Part of the reason I have to lose my sweet Accord is that it's a stick and the wife can't drive a stick. And with two kids, there's going to be some emergency that'll require us to be able to jump to either car quickly (she has a Mazda mini-van).

Face it, we've become "those people".

Doug said...

"Married man...married man...drives around in a minivan..."

I don't care for one either but my hand will be forced when we bring our 2nd daughter home next year.