Monday, December 27, 2010

My aching back...

and other reasons we are feeling old.  I've been to the chiropractor 2 times in the last 5 days.  I haven't  injured myself, that I can remember, that is.  I think I sustained this new back injury sleeping or watching the Today show from my bed.  Certainly it wasn't participating in high powered Olympic quality workouts, such as power cookie making and eating, collegiate level HBO watching, and strengthening your core through wrapping a few gifts at the craft table.  But gees oh wiz, if this is getting older I'll take a pass. 

The Muffin Man and I took the girls out to lunch today.  I couldn't possibly be expected to clean the house or put away holiday decorations in my delicate state.  The Muffin Man couldn't be expected to take on any of my normal housely activities, since he is the Muffin Man.  So, therefore avoidance and denial of domestic responsibilities is working for both of us.  And, we all wanted cheeseburgers.  At the dining table the Muffin Man looked at me forlornly.  "What?", I barked while our girls incessantly fought over who was winning at tic-tac-toe. He sort of sniffed and said, "Look around this room, see all the people with teenage and college aged kids?  They are our age!"  "OUR age?", I snorted.  Speak for yourself old man.  Then I had to turn gently to grab my coat to stuff under my butt so my hard chair would not aggravate my newly aligned and professionally  adjusted aching back. I would not give him the satisfaction of seeing US as old.  So, I tricked Ava into reading my menu options to me since I honestly need readers and am in denial about that as well.

Upon coming home, I entertained myself with animal fights, as an observer of course.  New animal hats are courtesy of my sister in law from LA. My kids LOVE them.  Even in my advanced stage of age, it was not lost on me that my children were playing bow and arrow while dressed as animals. That is my idea of entertainment. 

May I never get too old to think it is funny when the Polar Bear is shooting the Tiger who is wearing mismatched Pony pants.    I understand that some might think this is twisted.  But, then again don't old ladies get to have their eccentricities?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Tour of Trees 2010

I've been winding down the transactions in the wee little business shop this past week.  All inventory is either down at Ceramic Dreams in Broad Ripple or on Etsy.  It is that time of year, time to sew not a thing.  Until next week, when I get an itch. 

This weekend I finished up a few personal gifts in the sewing room.  Well, except for the bag that I made for my mom, that I made in the wrong style.  Right colors wrong bag entirely, didn't even realize it until it was completely done.  So, I guess that counts for a personal handmade gift that was completed this weekend, it's just that it won't be given to my mom who specifically chose a hobo bag and not a messenger bag.  Good thing my mom's birthday is in January.  Because it might take me until her birthday to get it right. 

In other small increments of creative time around the house we have been working on the tour of trees here at our end of the cul-de-sac.  Let me start by saying I still consider our family a one big tree type of family.  I'm not that Martha that has 9 beautifully decorated trees in every room.  The whole multiple tree idea has been their idea.

Tree hugger #1 Ava at Tree Lighting Downtown 2010

Tree hugger #2 Olivia wishing world peace and power to the people at preschool performance 2010
 This is Ava's tree.  Fiber Optic of course, for the technologically advanced 8 year old.  

Next is Liv's tree.  You may or may not have noticed that the trees do have some ornaments but they are neither matching nor equally spaced.  This is because these trees have been 100% styled by their owners.  With no help from their mother.  Excellent work my dears.  I'm sure Neiman Marcus will be calling soon.

Now, the big tree.  This is a delightful mixture of vintage preschool art and these fabulous brightly colored shatterproof balls in every shade of pink, purple, blue and teal, red and green that I found at Target and simply HAD TO HAVE even though we already have about 6,000 Christmas ornaments.  That's the thing about drinking the Target kool-aid, they have this knack for making you covet crap you don't really need but buy anyway and then come home doing a happy dance because you are so flipping happy with your non-that-needed purchase.  Seriously, those big brightly colored balls have been making me happy everyday for the last 3 weeks.   I even saved the clear plastic package to see if I could pack them away, the same way they came to me they were that darn pretty.  

Finally, last stop on the tour.  This is what it looks like when you enter my house. 

Notice the good luck Chinese Christmas kitty?  Sitting under the Santa? And the Christmas Chinese dragon nutcracker.  What international prowess my children have brought with them to the cul-de-sac.  I fear there is an ancient Chinese biological great-grandmother rolling over in her grave, may she know we were only searching to coordinate reds and greens with gold.  It is no statement of intentional mixing of heritages here. 

One more thing.  I'm sharing this because it is one more tid bit I have discovered in my newly found state of domesticity.  I now completely understand why my new cranberry velvet pillows are always dirty.

Dog snot.

Merry Christmas from Our Tour of Trees To Yours.  Would it be tacky to consider this your Holiday Card? 

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

More Aprons

More aprons!  I've discovered that making aprons, designing the shapes, adding pockets, choosing colors is well, huge fun. Who knew?  I come from a rather long line of industrious and creative but not kitchen loving women.  My English/Scottish blood line of ladies sort of viewed the kitchen a necessity in life rather than a passion.  I'm ok with it, really I am. I have a memory of my mother telling me in grade school her mother's version of an after school snack was a raw potato.  Yikes.  Perhaps my next life will include a band of Italian mamas smelling of pizelle cookies and meatballs.  

Anyway, in the interest of living vicariously through other ladies with flour dusting their hair, this "Grandma and Me" set is going out today.  I really didn't know how many people out there really love aprons, and collect them and use them at family gatherings.  I've had so many requests for funky aprons as I met people at my fall shows.   I've had a ball listening to ladies talk about their vintage collections of aprons.  Where do they store them? 

This set is for a gal's mom and her daughter, in anticipation of grandma and granddaughter spending the holiday hours toiling away baking cookies and other holiday treats.  Yum.    I do hope grandma and granddaughter have some delicious bonding time in the kitchen while wearing their new aprons.  Save a lemon drop for me. 

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

All Of The Sudden It's Winter

When did this happen? This was the view in my backyard at about 8am this morning.  It's been snowy all day.

Liv slept until 8:30.  She said it was too cold to get up.  I rather agreed with her.  The dog was up with me at 6:30 and then promptly snuggled back in Liv's bed when she discovered a warm body not willing to move about the house.  Who said the dog wasn't that bright?

As I gently pulled Liv out of bed, and sniffed her adorable head just washed last night with berry scented shampoo, it occurred to me that in 8 short months she will be going off to school at 7:30am each morning with Ava.  No more preschooler, no more babies. All the little kids in the house will be going to grade school as early as next August.  I've been caring for babies, toddlers, puggles, and preschoolers for eight years solid now.  I'm not sure I remember what it is like to attempt a task without "help and distraction" from wee people.  Part of me wants to cry.  Part of me can't wait.  Part of me knows that seasons change.