Monday, December 27, 2010

My aching back...

and other reasons we are feeling old.  I've been to the chiropractor 2 times in the last 5 days.  I haven't  injured myself, that I can remember, that is.  I think I sustained this new back injury sleeping or watching the Today show from my bed.  Certainly it wasn't participating in high powered Olympic quality workouts, such as power cookie making and eating, collegiate level HBO watching, and strengthening your core through wrapping a few gifts at the craft table.  But gees oh wiz, if this is getting older I'll take a pass. 

The Muffin Man and I took the girls out to lunch today.  I couldn't possibly be expected to clean the house or put away holiday decorations in my delicate state.  The Muffin Man couldn't be expected to take on any of my normal housely activities, since he is the Muffin Man.  So, therefore avoidance and denial of domestic responsibilities is working for both of us.  And, we all wanted cheeseburgers.  At the dining table the Muffin Man looked at me forlornly.  "What?", I barked while our girls incessantly fought over who was winning at tic-tac-toe. He sort of sniffed and said, "Look around this room, see all the people with teenage and college aged kids?  They are our age!"  "OUR age?", I snorted.  Speak for yourself old man.  Then I had to turn gently to grab my coat to stuff under my butt so my hard chair would not aggravate my newly aligned and professionally  adjusted aching back. I would not give him the satisfaction of seeing US as old.  So, I tricked Ava into reading my menu options to me since I honestly need readers and am in denial about that as well.

Upon coming home, I entertained myself with animal fights, as an observer of course.  New animal hats are courtesy of my sister in law from LA. My kids LOVE them.  Even in my advanced stage of age, it was not lost on me that my children were playing bow and arrow while dressed as animals. That is my idea of entertainment. 

May I never get too old to think it is funny when the Polar Bear is shooting the Tiger who is wearing mismatched Pony pants.    I understand that some might think this is twisted.  But, then again don't old ladies get to have their eccentricities?

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Stacia said...

Another great story! Thanks for sharing. Hope your back feels better soon!