Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pink Swirls and Ends of Bolts

This pink and black bag marks the end of an era. I have loved this pink swirl fabric. I have made every conceivable bag, accessory, and do-dad out of this fabric in the last year. This is the end...of the bolt that is. I have no idea who the designer was or the company that printed it. You might think I would save selvage pieces of fabrics I love for re-order. Or spread sheet vendors I purchase from. Oh no, that would be too easy. That would be too organized. That would take away from the sheer joy of anxiously cracking open a box of fabric the moment it arrives on the doorstep, practically accosting the UPS man. There is no time to spread sheet vendor item numbers when you are running up a flight of stairs planning on where to cut to make that hobo bag lie on the diagonal.
Good-bye pink swirls. If I ever see you again on a bolt, I will snap you up.

It's Lavender Day

It's lavender production day here at Pink Evita home headquarters. This is the best smelling "make-it" day I have here in the sewing room. Tomorrow night I am participating in a show up the street at a hair salon/spa and I noticed my basket of lavender rolls was getting a little shy of these olfactory pleasers. Here they are, all made up but not rolled yet with organza ribbons. Lavender rolls are made from beautiful cottons sewn wrong sides together and then a layer of soft organza film to keep the lavender from falling out. The "pouch" is then stuffed with 1 1/2 cups of California grown lavender and the hole is sewn up tightly. What you get is an almost flat pocket of lavender goodness.
Roll them up and stash them in your closet. Lay them flat and make your drawers smell delightful. My grandmother always had lavender sachets in her dresser drawers, she was so feminine. I think of her when I make them. I keep one in my car at all times, trying desperately to ditch my chicken nugget mobile reputation. They are also nice in the kitchen, since meat loaf doesn't smell as good the next morning. They will dissipate in smell slowly...just pick it up and give it a shake, and the lovely scent will be revitatized.
I'm taking my basket to my show tomorrow night. Live near Carmel, IN? See the side bar for show details and stop on by to say hi. What doesn't sell will be listed on Etsy later this week! Oh, and when you stop by don't let me buy too much from Beads for Needs...she will there too. I love her jewelry. But I'm supposed to be selling, not buying. Say it three times. Selling not buying.

Friday, May 07, 2010


Here I was all set up for a show downtown this week. The venue was gorgeous, the other vendors, very high quality. All we really needed was more shoppers. Sadly, this one was chalked up to learning experience, as in learning which shows are worth coordinating with family so that I can spend a whole day downtown, paying entrance fees, paying parking fees and all that good stuff that goes into doing a show. Just not too much traffic, and not too much traffic means not too much in the sales department. Nevertheless, seeing artisans that I have met before at other shows is so fun. Seeing their new items is always a thrill. There were some terrific handbag artists that I haven't seen before. Creative folks inspire me.

I'm now back in the studio as it were. It's a mess in case you were wondering, thank you very much. But, I have some fun custom projects for next week! Perhaps this will inspire me to clear a workspace and vacuum up about 6 lbs. of thread off the floor. I'll post pictures as I finish the new goodies.

A very Happy and Well Deserved Mother's Day out there to all the mom's be you mom'preuneurs, working outside the home, working inside the home and everyone in between out there in the world. I hope you get handmade cards and blueberry pancakes in bed this weekend. Because since it is the toughest job we'll ever love, you deserve it.