Sunday, April 25, 2010

There's a Hound In The Sewing Room

Rule #1. The sewing room at Pink Evita is a smoke free environment. Check. Never smoked, so
clearly this is not an issue.

Rule #2. Small children do not throw or toss or pull at fringes. Check. They only unravel gros grain ribbons and leave toys on the floor for the sewing mistress (that's me) to trip over.

Rule #3. All puggles are to remain in the floor licking only used threads. No puggles are allowed to lie on or otherwise engage with fabrics that may or may not be sold one day. Pet fur on your newly purchased item is NOT cool.

check. puggles always obey.

Or do they? Look who I caught in a rule #3 infraction.

Who me?

Yes, you.

Go torture a squirrel in the backyard and back away from the new red ribbons. Slowly.

No one listens to me. Not even the puggle.

If you see someone around town carrying a bag made from the fabric in the picture...can this little rule #3 infraction be between you and me?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh, Baby!

What could be better than creating for a new little guy who has yet to make his entrance into the world? The only thing better is when the mom chooses some very cool fabrics, that's what.

No snips and snails or puppy dog tails for this too hip chic mama. Her little guy will be seen in some updated oranges, blues and browns when he makes his formal debut sometime in July.

This diaper bag is sort of disguised as a large hobo bag. It has a long adjustable strap, probably to get around the handle of a rather large travel system stroller.

The set includes a diaper caddy which will fit 2-3 diapers and a slim line wipes case. Because we all know what WILL happen the minute you leave the nursery without your handi-wipes. We don't need to go into details or anything, but we do know don't we?

The roll in the photo is just that...a diaper mat rolled up for transport. It has matching fabric on the outside, two layers of fleece on the inside for some cushion and a layer of clear vinyl for easy clean up and wipe down. It is fastened together with a velcro tab.

The back of the bag has two enormous pockets with cowgirl snaps in case mom wants to drop something valuable in the pockets. Both sides of the lining have huge pockets subdivided into 4 pockets for all kinds of baby gear.

Let me know if I can help design and make a diaper bag set for you.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Little Wallets and In Need of An Elf or A Cook

Last night it was 6:30 before I stepped away from the Beast, (who by the way I have found a new and lovingly symbiotic relationship with in recent weeks) and I came downstairs to think about cooking dinner for the fam. Yes, 6:30 pm and I was just starting to think about dinner. The girls were screaming for something other than apples*, Livi suggested gummy bears for dinner, nice try my pet...when the Muffin Man stepped into the kitchen.

"My God, Man you simply must find me an elf to sew or a cook to whip up something in the kitchen for your children, 'cause it just ain't gettin' done around here." I said. He looked curiously at me while stuffing pickles in his mouth and said, "Yeah, why don't you look into a cook?" Seriously, this was his version of help around here? The Muffin Man knows we aren't exactly rushing to find someone to scrub toilets for us, NEVER MIND a cook. One can dream, can't one?

So, here is what was keeping me strapped to the Beast for so long. I thought I had a show this week. Ha Ha ha, it is next week. Apparently the large sized print calendar open faced on my desk is NOT enough to help me get my gig's right. Anyhow, the show is next week. If you are in Indy and want to come and hang out in the land of the beautiful and well vacationed people(I'll just be visiting too), please see the sidebar for details and come say hi to me at the Village of West Clay Boutique.
Yes, I was chained to the machine freaking out thinking I had a show starting this weekend, not NEXT weekend. Want to see what I made?

Aren't they lovely? Little wallets with hooks and key fobs to match. It took me all afternoon to make four but they are so pretty sitting there I don't care. And, I have four new wallets to take to my show that happens to start NEXT week. Did I mention that I mentally farted and completely biffed on the date?

So, that leaves me with count them...7 whole days until my next show. What should I do? Maybe plan ahead to make dinner for the little beings sponging off us for free rent and snacks?

Nah, the Beast is calling my name. Come play with me little girl.

Make something pink and green and zebra striped.

I'm off to use up every bit of this fabric and trim that is left on the bolt. Seriously, pink and green tassels, you know you'd be rushing to use it up too. Oh yes, and perhaps polish kielbasa with sauerkraut and fresh greens for dinner. Livi will be unappreciative of the switch from gummy bears but we all gotta get real sometime.

*I blame my mother for the apples, each and every time my brother and I screamed for something to eat while growing up, it was suggested that we find an apple. Consequently, it is now 30 years later and I am just now discovering a newly found appreciation for them. Especially when it comes to snacking with my children. Yes, I will undoubtedly turn them off apples too for a mere 30 years. It is a legacy I can do my best to uphold.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Just The Girls

Seems like it's been all business here lately. But, really these gals are my business. On the left is Ava, modeling the junior sized messenger bag I whipped together for her friend this past week. Ava told me the little girl's favorite color was blue, so a little blue accented messenger bag it was for her birthday. See Chloe? She seems a bit underwhelmed an unimpressed doesn't she? Perhaps she was more interested in her kibble snack. Olivia, on the right is modeling her poodle skirt mixed with normal preschool attire tee shirt. Do you like her Leap Frog watch she got at Wendy's in her kids meal bag? Me either. But don't tell her, she loves the thing.

In the background is my Photo box for taking pictures of my bags and putting the photos on the does wonders for the decorating in my office. I never take it down, I'm too lazy. And the huge armoire on the corner? Yes, that thing is enormous and takes up 1/3 of the room and houses a very old tv that no one ever watches and a collection of never used scrapbooking supplies. (Olivia will have a scrap book of her 1st year of life with us before she is 18, I swear. Doesn't that sound like a good winter project?) Clearly I should list the armoire on craig's list. It takes up too much space. And yet, this all sounds like a project that I don't have time for. What else is new?

I might be getting the decorating bug again. There are some spaces around here that could use it, clearly. far can one get on the $0.00 budget? Perhaps California Closets will come and create some built-in's for me out of the goodness of their little organized hearts?

Yeah, right don't hold my breath.