Wednesday, April 25, 2012

All Things Not Foob Related

As it is right now 11 weeks after surgery, I find myself only seeing my plastic surgeon once a month.  This feels somewhat like being sprung from the chain gang.  The verdict is still out on whether I will elect one more surgery to try for a softer more natural feel with silicone.  Dr. Surgeon seems to feel that I should be patient and wait to see how the skin takes to all the changes several months after the initial surgery.  This is of course mostly due to the radiation I had eleven years ago. If I had known then what I know's one of those times in life.  If I had known I was BRCA positive I would probably not have chosen radiation.  But that is why they call it a Monday morning quarterback right?  Can't stuff those grains of sand back in the hourglass.  So, I wait only seeing Dr. Surgeon once a month for the next several months.

This magically leaves time for LIVING. The last year has been at times more of a stunted stall in regularly scheduled programming of my life. I've obsessed about choices and their consequences.  Surgery or surveillance?   Now, near the end of the surgery road, I can choose to focus on all things not related to cancer, foobs, and surgical menopause.

I've distracted myself sufficiently the last several weeks with countertops.  I know, it's the stuff of great higher thinking reminiscient of Voltaire and Descante.

Spoiler alert, I chose New Venetian Gold. I'm aiming for a more contemporary look. The Muffin Man is leaving the coordination of this project to me.  Because we all know that in my own head I am a design queen.  The measurement guy came today.  Installation could take place in 2 weeks.  Goodbye, 1996 with all your frosty white laminate.  I am hoping for something in the realm of fabulous because it will be here in the house until about 2050. 

I'm also pretty darn happy to be working again after sort of falling off the map and into my ipad's library book collection the last few months.  I'm 3/4 of the way through Victor Hugo's Les Miserables.  It is a tome. I might need a blue ribbon for finishing it, should that day ever come.

These baskets of baby bibs, burp clothes, blankets, and key fobs are going to a local boutique tomorrow.   I also have a home dec. consultation on Friday morning.  I see some decorator pillows and perhaps a duvet cover in the sewing room soon.  Also on the docket...redesign of the sewing room.  Before and after photos to come.  When, I haven't a clue, since I'm still merely collecting ideas.  But it shouldn't be hard to improve with a coat of paint to say the least.  It is currently a bit of a cave.  I'm not a fan of caves. 

With exactly 1 month until the end of school I'm plugging in as many custom orders as possible. Because who am I kidding?  The girls will somewhat derail and distract me again until mid August, that is just how it works around here. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Craft Casserole

This morning I went to craft class. I'm all for school if it is filled with coffee, friendly ladies, and crafty goodness. We made fabric rosettes. I think I might be making them and putting them on everything now. Strips of scrap fabric and a glue gun, heavenly time and my idea of sheer bliss.

First fabric rosette project, an embellished headband. Ava saw it and immediately claimed it as her own. That didn't take long.

Then Liv picked up my new rosette ring. It goes nicely with her fireman's hat, today was field trip day to the fire house.

The only thing left for me is a pin. It might end up on a jean jacket soon.

A local artist/ illustrator/ designer named Lori McDonough is having these classes in her home studio. If you are local in the Indianapolis area and think you might like to spend a very happy and creative few hours, give her a holler and say you want to be a part of craft casserole.

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Friday, April 06, 2012

Spring Break

Admittedly, Spring Break did not used to be so fun.  The kids were little and traveling was sort of like riding a roller coaster with cats.  But then a miraculous thing happened.  The grew up a bit.  They like to travel, they are excited to learn new things in different cities and are willing to forego their favorite home meal in lieu of strange and wonderous things on a dim sum menu. 

This week we've been to Chicago, seen Chinatown, eaten dim sum, seen a world class museum, learned all about Ghengis Khan, walked the Miracle Mile, biked several miles to an ice cream shop and home again without complaint, spent 3 hours in a local park, ate lunch under a tree, seen The Lorax, went out to lunch in our hometown downtown area, went fishing, went to the dollar store, went to the zoo and slept in late!  Now that is my idea of good times during spring break!

There was also just a bit of time to take a few photos in the backyard.  They are getting so big.  I sometimes feel a twinge of nostalgia for when they were babies, but then again they are just so much darn fun now!  Six more weeks of school and then summer.  I am counting the days.