Tuesday, June 26, 2007

One Year

One year ago today at approximately 3pm in the afternoon I couldn't take the excrutiating wait any longer. I caved and called my agency to find out about her. Only I didn't know it was her. I only knew that China's CCAA had sent referrals and we finally made the date cutoff. I was trying to play it cool and let them call me. But I couldn't, I just had to know and it was only 2 more hours until business close. I absolutely could not wait one more night knowing someone else knew about my baby and wasn't telling me all about her.

My coordinator on the phone was looking at this photo. I was looking at a blank sheet of paper and a shaky pen in my hand.

She's from Guangdong. Yangxi to be exact. Her birthday is November 12, 2005 and her name is Yangxi, Ge Ge. That means Princess. She is healthy. "That is all we know. We will translate and send you pictures tomorrow", she said. Then she added, "She's just so cute, with a round little face and huge eyes."

I hung up the phone and then we were four. Just like that. Gone from three to four in one phone call. I didn't cry I didn't scream. I just couldn't stop looking at the piece of paper and thought, my handwriting is messy and not very motherly looking. But then...we were four. And I had just had a baby. A Chinese baby named Princess, or GeGe who was 7 1/2 months old and healthy.

In the following weeks I was so worried. I worried about her. I worried about Ava getting a sister and what that would do to her delicate only child psyche. I worried about me. I wondered if I could really be a decent parent to two children. I worried I wouldn't sleep for the next three years tending to another insomniac high powered child. I worried that we might upset the balance of us as three. I worried my husband would travel for business too much sending me over the mothering edge.

I worried all for nothing. Ava is fine. We are fine. Olivia Xi Ge Ge is perfectly better than fine. She is the littlest love of our lives. I adore her. The Muffin Man is enchanted by her. Ava swells with pride and kindness around her. Sometimes I wish time would stand still and she would stay little forever. Then she throws a fit and I'm ok with the growing up business. Then she is the most adorable mite again and I well up putting her to sleep at night.

Thanks for one wonderful year, Olivia Xi GeGe. Thanks for choosing us.

Monday, June 25, 2007

News On The Crafty Front

I'm seriously considering changing my Pink Evita blog up a bit and using an online service called Esty.com for selling my handbags. Have you ever used esty.com? If so, was your experience good? Please leave me a comment oh great internets.

I am enjoying sewing and crafting so much. I'd like the Pink Evita blog to not necessarily be all about pictures of the handbags but be expanded to include a little bit about things I make for the girls or projects I am trying. Or perhaps whatever captures my creative spirit at the moment. I have lots of ideas for projects swirling in my head and most have nothing to do with selling anything.

For example, I have it in my head and on a pattern for that matter than I can make myself the coolest retro 1957 dress. Who knows though, only time will tell if the poppy material I've selected will be a gorgeous dress or might end up as more matching play sets for my girls.

Anyone recognize the table cloth material from the backyard soiree for the neighborhood a few weeks ago?

Although, in the same breath I am so pleased that I am selling some handbags and would like to continue the wee bitty business. Let's face it anything more than a wee bitty business right now in my life would be a wee bitty bit too much. If you read twoladybugs at all you know why...the lovely bugs keep me fully employed at the moment. But they won't be all about diapers and kindergarten forever and someday they will fly the nest and hop on a big yellow bus for several hours a day. Or so they tell me. I get the hugest kick when someone emails me and says, "make me a bag". I absolutely love the process of communicating with them and finding the exact material and style and dimensions. There is just big love joy at the sewing machine for me right now.

So, I'll let you know when I get some changes to the blogosphere and perhaps get something uploaded to www.esty.com.

Friday, June 22, 2007



I've have personally been waiting since November for pool time and hot evenings to spend time perfecting the fine art of popsicle slurping.

Last night provided the perfect backdrop for a popsicle.

The Muffin Man dug out the popsicle chairs. No one should have to stand and eat, it wouldn't be right.

Olivia has her popsicle eating outfit ready to go. The birthday suit washes up up a little better than the white onesie.

Liv carefully chose raspberry. Would you mess with this kid? She's all business when it comes to raspberry.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Calling Curriculum Management

Kindergarten Update:

I called over to the school yesterday afternoon as I was gettin' all fired up about readin' and 'rithmitic. I got a message machine telling me that they were on vacation. Yes, I seem to remember from my days in school, be them MANY years ago, that indeed most school teachers and administrators like to pop that taco stand as soon as the door has hit the last little one in the ass on the way out. For this I do not begrudge them.

However, still have this little issue of WHEN THE HECK ARE YOU GOING TO TELL ME WHAT DAY OF THE WEEK MY ACADEMIC PROTEGEE WILL GRACE YOUR SCHOOL WITH HER PRESENCE? So I can decide if we get to participate in swanky enrichment program or fork over the check to the state government.

I called the curriculum management center in my township. I am duly impressed. She was very patient and kind with even my impatient and rather snotty self. She explained that they are in a bit of a pickle right now but will do everything they can to accommodate our wishes. Up to and including Ava in a full day class without the $200 summer deposit. She guaranteed me that Ava would be " No Child Left Behind" and they would graciously pop her in a full day class even if we didn't decide until August.

Or, as another alternative if our home neighborhood school decided to offer alternate day classes on the days that we are already signed up at enrichment, they would even offer us alternate days at another school. But busing could not be guaranteed. (I think that is fair, don't you?)
However, I am not all that keen on Ava attending a school a few miles away only to then be transferred back to our home school for 1st grade. She does have loyal subjects to command to and all, she needs to hang with her local peeps. She's Jenny from the block, and all. I do however appreciate the offer.

In the end we were instructed to send in our application for full day, sans dinero. That way they know we are coming and have slot for us no matter what. We will wait until next week until the state announces how much little home school won in the $33 million dollar race to academic perfection. Thus allowing the school to better calculate how many other little academic geniuses will be selecting alternate day kindergarten vs. the full day option.

Do you think that Miss Beetle worried about all these complicated issues when teaching at the Little School On The Prairie?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Kindergarten Crazy

I took Ava over to her new public school where she will start Kindergarten in the fall for the mandatory kindergarten testing. From what I can gather from the short one page letter to Kindergarten parents this 1/2 hour testing is done before each child starts Kindergarten to identify children who might qualify for Title I benefits. The school district likes to identify these children and then plan for any special needs accordingly.

I'm all for this. It sounds very proactive to me. Ava played with the teachers and rattled off her letters and numbers like a champ. Then they took her into another room so I have no idea what went on behind closed doors, but Ava seemed chipper enough upon coming out so I decided not to grill the teacher as she politely told me "Ava is more than ready for Kindergarten. She will be a joy to have in class."

During the 20 minutes I had to relax, I mean chase Liv up and down the hallways while Ava was showing those teachers a thing or two, one of the other mother's struck up a conversation. She asked if Ava would be attending full time kindergarten or alternate day.

There are big changes coming down the pike in my state right now resulting in a Great Kindergarten Debate. Right now my school district funds 1/2 time public school kindergarten. Our school has children attend 2 1/2 days of kindergarten a week funded by tax dollars. Families that need or want full time kindergarten may pay for the extra 2 1/2 days for their child to attend. In the past this has even been a lottery situation at our neighborhood school where you enter your child in the lotto and then if you win you pay the money for full day. This year the governor and the state assembly have passed appropriations for state wide full day kindergarten. They are pushing all school districts to migrate to mandatory full day. Thirty three million dollars in grant money has been set aside so that each school can apply for a piece of that $33 million pie. Ideally, the bulk of this year's money would end up in schools where test scores are lower and students are more disadvantaged. However, our school is also chomping at the bit for every last red cent. Even though it is a top performing school in the state.

Back to coffee talk at the testing session yesterday. The other mother asked what were were doing with Ava this fall. I explained that we had opted for 1/2 time public school kindergarten and are supplementing with and enrichment program that is private. I want her to attend the program we have selected because it is notoriously NOT academic, but rather arts and literature based with alternative teaching methods. It is over $200 a month but I don't care. The school has the kids in units learning to cook meals in the kitchen and reading books about cooking and food etc... Another unit features art and they visit this city's art museum. Just as the program name suggests...I think it is more enriching than full day kindergarten at our public school. The mother at the testing session tells me that our public school is dropping all but 1 alternate day kindergarten class and right now there are 27 kids in that class. Oh, and to add insult to injury there is no funding for an aid in the classroom. So, the kids who select 1/2 time kindergarten rather than full day will all be lumped into 1 class with 1 teacher. No aide. Is this a recipe for full frontal disaster or what? 27 kindergartners and 1 teacher?

So, because I don't even have my kid enrolled at the school yet and lord knows I couldn't wait until September to label myself as the pushy "problem" parent I march my hiney up to the 16 year old assistant principal who has been mercilessly flirting with some other mother in a bathing suit top and daisy dukes for the last 1/2 hour. I kindly ask if I can pull 16 year old asst. principal with the wandering eyes if I can have a word with him. He tears himself away from Miss America and says, "Ugh, huh."

I recant what other mother has put forth and simply and quitely ask for confirmation that she is sadly mistaken and there will indeed be 2 alternating classes running throughout the week allowing me to also send my kid to art and literature swishy program across the street. Furthermore your class size will probably be about 18 or less RIGHT?

Oh no, other mother is quite right. Also, they haven't decided what day the 1 alternating class will run and it might very well clash with my swishy program across the street. So, if I don't jump ship right now and sign Ava up for full day kindergarten like the governor of my state is suggesting I do, then I might run the risk of losing out of swishy school due to over lapping days AND have to send Ava to a 1/2 time program with 27 kids and 1 teacher. Oh, and if I select full day over here in public land the class size is almost guaranteed to be about 18 or so with a full time aide. (Since there is state funding for that, or almost state funded since I would of course have to pay for the 2 1/2 days out of the 5.)

Needless to say, I feel slightly strongarmed into choosing to pay for public school full day kindergarten. We have until July 2nd to make a choice and send in a nice healthy deposit to secure Ava's slot in public school kindergarten (non-refundable of course). Not to mention I will probably lose our deposit at swishy kindergarten enrichment should we pull out.

I'm trying very hard not to google white pages for St. Elizabeth of Perpetual Kindergarteners on the other side of the street to see what they are offering on the table.

I will be spending a quality 1/2 hour this afternoon calling over to Mr. assistant principal at public land if he can tear himself away from the lovely Ms. Daisy Dukes to see if he can tell me WHEN they will be making the decision on what day of the week they will be running alternate day kindergarten so I can make a somewhat informed decision about where the heck to send my kid to school this fall.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Mystery Solved

Just as I had finished eating an icecream dove bar on a stick and goofing around with blogger to write about the Mystery virus and our subsequent "caged lion" syndrome the Dr. called the house. I didn't get to the phone in time but heard her say this is Dr. Feel Good, we have Ava's test results, please call me here at the office.

Here is the deal with Dr's. If the test is negative they are always happy to say Negative on the answering machine and take off in the Jaguar to play golf. Seriously, our even keeled and somewhat homely pediatrician drives a hot little red Jag. However, if it is not such good news they usually sound pretty cheery and leave the message to please call at your earliest convenience. You know where this is going.

Apparently, after further testing and 5 days of waiting Ava has Epstein Barr Virus, which is mono. Only a more swanky way to say mono, don't you think? I think Dr.s Epstein and Barr have been driving around in hot little Jags ever since they discovered the virus in 1964. Or perhaps their children are now driving around in little Ferraris as I write this. Oh, to be gifted with the microscope.

What now? Nothing except we have to watch her spleen and liver. Now does that sound like a party waiting to happen or what? Call the friends, bring a dish to share, let's watch Ava's spleen. If that is not enough excitement we could assign someone to watch her liver too. Because we are supposed to watch the spleen and the liver. Terrific.

Mystery Virus and Life Behind Imaginary Bars

It wasn't mono and it wasn't strep. Apparently Ava had a mystery virus. The Dr. is insistent on testing for Epstein Barr virus...but heck at this point who cares? She could have had malaria for all I know. She is feeling so much better and is fever free so she is back to ruling the neighborhood with an iron fist. She has the loyal subjects lining up for a scooter parade as we speak.

I however, am tired. Perhaps it was the stress of worrying about her for 4 days. Perhaps it was the getting up in the middle of the night but seriously I need a week at some spa where they will cover me with with hot rocks and wax the heck out of my legs while painting my toenails some delightful shade of pink.

Or maybe I'm all twitchy about staying so close to home for almost an entire week. I did not realize how much we like to move about, take ourselves off the cul-de-sac each and every day. I swear I could hardly do it, stay inside the house for 5 solid days with sick 5 year old and rambunctious 19 month old. I'm being a bit dramatic in that we did expand into the backyard to play in the alligator pool by day 3 1/2 but gees I still say "caged lion".

This picture should be labeled "Tea Set Teamwork".

Yesterday she presented as fever free for 24hours and we were damned if staying in the house one extra minute. We decided to take ourselves to the library for a little magician show and sign up for the summer reading program. Then when it came time to start the 20 minute process of getting ourselves snacks, drinks, shoes, extra diapers, go to the potty, collect favorite stuff to travel in the car, check and make sure stroller is in car, and shut off the lights and coffee maker...well, I had a fleeting thought. This is so much damned work getting the three of us anywhere! Should I just turn them loose in the backyard and call it a day?

Getting us anywhere is as simple as inserting the keys in the ignition it is the process that culminates in piling us into the car part that is a bit of a workout, physically and emotionally (as sometimes they test my highest level of patience cooperating with me to head north to the front door.) I suppose this might be why over the last nine months we have been 10 minutes early or 20 minutes late to everywhere we have gone.

In the end we did the routine and enjoyed the library. Ava enjoyed the library show Liv attempted to climb the brick wall at the library no less than 72 times as I wearily chased behind.

How many days will we self impose cul-de-sac lock down this summer? Maybe it's not so bad afterall minus the mystery virus part of course. How many days left until Kindergarten starts? Remind me about this week when I am crying at the bus stop seeing my baby off to full time school.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

19 Months and 9 Months Home

A few days ago on the 12th, marked Liv's 19 month birthday and our 9th month here at home. She's been with us as long as she lived in Yangxi, Guangdong.

Here she is in all her glory playing in the alligator pool. I'm not sure what it was that was so interesting at the moment but I like the photo since it really looks like Livi. She's holding her shoe, she loves shoes. She's playing with her sister, her favorite person other than her Da. The kid is a real daddy's girl.

Like the real diaper used as swimming suit? It appears to have about 2 lbs. of water collected in it at the time of this photo. It's been a few years since I've seen a water logged diaper and I felt the need for some entertainment since we have been housebound with Ava's mystery virus all week. It doesn't take much to entertain me. Watching her wabble around the backyard toting this diaper behind was better than an HBO special.
So here we are, 19 months. On the downward slide to two.

Kickball anyone?

Monday, June 11, 2007

Flip A Coin

Ava is not better and her throat is a smelly hazardous toxic receptacle. Obviously, we headed off to the real pediatrician first thing this morning. She confirmed what the drive thru "Ya, want fries with that?" Dr. said yesterday. If she doesn't respond to antibiotics, chances are she has mono. Which is viral. Which means 5-7 days of fever and "discomfort" her word of course. Discomfort in medical translation means excrutiating neck and throat pain making it impossible to eat unless doped up on Motrin and only then gatorade and 2 sips of cherry jello. Really all she has eaten in the last 24 hours is some gatorade and a few sips of sprite and about 2 tablespoons of cherry jello. Well, unless you count 3 1/2 eaten no real fruit popscicles. The kids is sick if she is leaving a popscicle 1/2 eaten, no swab or blood test needed.

Speaking of blood tests, yes she had that this morning as well. Which posed a serious moral dilemma for me. The Dr. tells me we have to go to the lab to drop off the second strep culture and get a blood test for mono. Do I a) tell her immediately since it is her right and it is her body and I should treat her with respect and give her the chance to take the news with dignity in a big girl fashion or b) drive right home not saying one thing (thus not lying) drop off the baby with the Muffin Man and drive Ava back to the lab all the while stating we are dropping off the throat culture (which we were, again not lying) and break the "your getting a big old needle up the arm" news in the parking lot?

Based on the epic proportions of drama displayed 6 months ago at one little Kindergarten readiness shot...I'm sheepishly admitting to option b. I know I can justify my kindhearted silence until 11th hour up the ying yang but ultimately I was a little sleep deprived and stressed and did not want to hear 20 minutes of screaming and flailing in the car driving to said blood test.

She took it as well as could be expected running a 103 degree fever and with tonsils swollen shut. Honestly, it was so sad hitting a kid below the belt while going down for the count with the needle news. But the whole high fever thing made her slightly less cantankerous in the end. Again sad, temporarily more convenient while navigating traffic but still ultimately sad. She took it like a champ and earned those 2 princess stickers like no other 5 year old in all of time. Upon getting back in the car she muttered something about giving a sticker to her sister, because she would like Jasmine. And that is where I had to stop and well up a bit.

So, now we sit and watch Pinky Dinky Doo for 24 hours while the lab folks flip the illness du jour coin mono or strep? Hopefully test results will come in before her brain melts down the sides of her ears from too much television and cherry jello.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sad Little Sickie

The kid is never sick. Really, hardly ever. Yesterday she complained of a sore throat and I poo poo'd it as drainage from mild seasonal allergies and gave her a healthy dose of Claritan.

Then she wouldn't eat dinner. She NEVER doesn't eat dinner. (She gets the healthy appetite from me.)

This morning she wouldn't eat breakfast and was crying saying her throat hurt.

Since my kids only get sick on Sundays I figured she surely must be honestly sick. And she was running a fever, my kids only run fevers on Sundays when the Dr. is out.

The nurse and Dr. at the med check agreed it had to be Strep throat while giving her the once over. Sick breath, fever, swollen glands, pain all lead to Strep. Although, she tested negative. "Weird", they said. This diagnosis of weird is not highly comforting to the one who has to take her home in 20 minutes.

In the end they are not sure if it really is Strep that isn't testing positive yet or if it is Mono. Mono? Fabulous. The trial run is to put her on antibiotics for 48 hours and see if it clears...if so, Strep...if not Mono. I admittedly perked up a bit upon hearing Mono. I was assured it is not as bad when a 5 year old gets it as when adults get it. Really? News to me. I'd really rather not test those waters.

In the mean time she's slurping chicken noodle soup and popscicles with her mood brightened by a double dose of Motrin approved by the Dr. My mood? Not so bright, no party at the neighbors this afternoon and no summer camp tomorrow. Seriously how many cartoons can she watch before we both go over the edge?

I'm biting my nails hoping all germs have been confined to her little throat and next week does not hold Strep or Mono for the rest of the clan.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

No Trunk Show Today

I had this big post all up in my head about being invited to a local artist/vendor party where I could display and hopefully sell some Pink Evita handbags. The party was supposed to be tomorrow and I was sewing away, which I said I would not do since I was willing myself into low expectations of the party. I loosely promised myself I would only take items in stock, but you know how it goes when you only loosely promise yourself something? You know how those home parties go, sometimes they are tolerable and quite frankly sometimes they are ummm...less than tolerable. I only agreed to it because there would be absolutely no sales pitching, spinning of wheels, or loud promises of "2 for 1 signs up NOW" or anything remotely related. Just a little table set up in a corner with me behind 25 handbags smiling ridiculously at people I didn't know.

But alas, it was not meant to be. The party was canceled due to the fact that the lady kind enough to open her house for the party/sale had a miscarriage this week. I don't even know her and I simply felt awful. I'm thankful that she did indeed cancel, what a heartbreak. I've been there and it sucks, there is no other way to put it. No platitudes about not meant to be or any of that other crap. It hurts physically and emotionally, real bad. She obviously needs this time at home alone without 62 ladies telling her it will be ok. I can think of nothing more tortuous.

But, I'm still thinking about avenues for future growth for the little business. I guess I've been thinking about it this week as two dear friends of mine are considering dum dum dum...que scary music....going back to work. Both of their children are entering Kindergarten this fall and they are feeling a little how shall we say...stay at homeish. I watch as they both toss and turn around ideas for balancing home life and possible re-entrance into the work force all the while staying present both physically and emotionally in their children's lives. Both women are highly educated and had wonderful careers before children. Should be an interesting ride to watch them decide. Isn't it always a bonus in life to get to try out life's little options on someone else before YOU actually have to dive in head first?

At the neighborhood soiree of this past weekend one neighbor was asking me if I would ever reconsider my stay at home status and try to re-up at the biggest and bluest corporate company there is. I worked very big and very blue and then I worked consulting for much smaller and much less blue but still highly "corporatey". I quickly joked "My goal is to NEVER work corporate again." At the time I considered it a joke. But I've been really thinking, I don't think its a joke. Perhaps I could work but not in a cubicle. Not now, gosh I don't even have the Liv'ster out of diapers yet. But someday. Maybe.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Fruity Centerpieces

Only because some kind readers asked for photographic proof that I did indeed use oranges, lemons and limes in attempt to spruce up the neighborhood soiree am I posting a pictures after the fact.

Truth be told ...these photos were taken this morning. In my state of manic cooler filling/labeling and heading off 30 older children at the backyard gate so they would not let the 18 smaller children out beyond the gate to run rampid like little wild dogs in the street I simply could not pause in zen like state to pull the Minolta out to "make a memory". I'm sure you understand if you too have ever experienced temporary brain damage that led you to think entertaining an entire neighborhood for an evening would be prudent.

Since I still have the fruit on the kitchen table...voila...photographic evidence recreated with minimal effort on my part.

I found the table cloth material at Joann's on the clearance rack for $1.00 per yard. I am a sucker for 1960's era tie dye's and batiks. It creates birkenstock euphoria moments that could only be matched with a roach clip and funny looking little cigarettes. Let's be honest, those days are so far long gone and have been woefully replaced by little cups of blueberry organic yoghurt and tiny cheese crackers molded into goldfish shapes.

Perhaps the stash of tie dyes (I bought them in reds, yellows and lime green like the one you see here.) will become matching play clothes sets for 2 little girls soon. We will see how ambitious their mother gets in the month to come.

So, there you have it fruity centerpieces on a budget. Feel free to pilfer the idea and use it in your next backyard soiree. Make sure to never mention that you "were inspired" by some house frau on the internet and the idea came to you as you were efficiently washing baseboards or something else ridiculous that no one ever does. It will surely impress your mother-in-law and Mrs. Cravitz who lives next door.

Next Up: My invitation to participate in a trunk show with my handbags OR why I canceled the exterminator for the little uninvited guests in my kitchen. Please vote accordingly.

P.S. Do not email me if you regularly clean your baseboards. I don't want to know about it, I do not want to hear about it, I don't even want to think that some people would do it.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Neighborhood Soiree

Well, we did it. We hosted the entire neighborhood in our backyard on Saturday night. All 25 homes were invited and I believe 12 families came. Some of the whole weekend was admittedly a blur...so I could be off by a standard deviation of +-2 families.

The Prep....

I have to say I've gotten old and lazy and not used to serious work in my current occupation as queen of all things on the cul-de-sac. I started working my ass off on Friday night with runs to Trader Joes and the local grocery. I woke early Saturday morning and took the Muffin Man and the little ladies to the Costco. It was almost all I had to keep the Muffin Man on track through the Costco aisles where he seemed more interested in $350 slip and slides than ground beef or ground sirloin. We opted for the ground sirloin burgers even though they posed a $3.00 higher price tag, thank you very much. The girls were slurping down free samples of Sara Lee strawberry cake quicker than I could toss napkins into the back of the cart. After Costco, I offered to run to get ice...at yet another store.

The SetUp...

This is the part that put me over the edge. Upon arriving at home I schelped 10 bags of ice to the backyard and deposited them in coolers. Next was emptying all sorts of liquid refreshments into the coolers. Then carefully labeling "adult" and "kidlet" coolers. Wouldn't want to have 2 fourteen year old Johhnys accidently dipping into the beer cooler. The muffin man tightened all screws on the swing set...why this could not have been done previously in the week I haven't been able to figure out. Since he was casually weilding a screwdriver I was forced to set up all tables and chairs. I then heard my back pop in the lower right quadrant while flipping a banquet table. Ouch. But no time to sit and rest. Table covers were placed on tables and the marquee was set up.

Off to the kitchen to make centerpieces of lemons, limes and oranges in glass containers filled with water. They were very pretty if I don't say so myself. (Although one neighbor did comment and asked what was up with the vases of water and fruit. To which I snappily replied, "Decoration, Dude." )

It was now 3:30pm and I was in desperate need of a shower. I hauled both children into the bedroom with me and told them each to comb the other's hair while I showered. At 3:37 I hopped out of the shower to see the end result of a talcum powder fight. I cleaned it up while threatening them both within an inch of their little lives. 3:39pm and I am sweating again. 3:42 I am sweating profusely since I chose to blow dry my hair. 3:54 I wipe off lipstick since I look like a heaving wet ball of perspiration with red lips. Not a nice combination. However, there was a consolation prize...my linen skirt fit nicely since I spent most of the day sweating off three pounds. BONUS!

Walk downstairs while shouting at the Muffin Man to please do something with HIS children. Hit flashing button on answering machine to hear 2 families RSVP 1 hour before party saying they are coming and if this poses a problem please call them back. WTF? I love the midwest.

The Party...

People arrive as I am popping advil for my back. Honestly it was sort of non-eventful after it all got underway. Which I suppose I consider a success. There was the family that showed up with lots of children, I mean a half dozen, sporting their flagrant "Choose Life" tee shirts. I thought was sort of funny as they sat next to the ultra worldly well traveled super liberal sociology college professor. I noticed he was running for another beer after spending 20 minutes under the mother's thumb while she spewed her conservative "Catholic Identity" diatribe. Hilarious since I did not actually have to participate in that one.

The Cleanup...

My darling neighbors stayed and helped pull a 1/2 ton of crap out of the backyard into my kitchen under the threat of serious thunderstorms which ultimately did not happen.

The Crash..

At 10:15 I chased Ava up the stairs and told her I would see her at 10:00 tomorrow morning. Ha, yeah right. At least she passed out quickly. I then headed for the cooler of water sucking down 3, yes 3 bottles of water before staring at the tv in complete zombie like state. I limped off to bed and tried to remember such a physical day. Really, that was all I could think about.

The next morning..

One vow. Next party will be slightly more intimate as they say. As in less than 10 people.
All in all I think we did our part for world and neighborhood peace and good relations.

I'm off to eat leftover baked beans.

Sunday, June 03, 2007