Thursday, June 14, 2007

19 Months and 9 Months Home

A few days ago on the 12th, marked Liv's 19 month birthday and our 9th month here at home. She's been with us as long as she lived in Yangxi, Guangdong.

Here she is in all her glory playing in the alligator pool. I'm not sure what it was that was so interesting at the moment but I like the photo since it really looks like Livi. She's holding her shoe, she loves shoes. She's playing with her sister, her favorite person other than her Da. The kid is a real daddy's girl.

Like the real diaper used as swimming suit? It appears to have about 2 lbs. of water collected in it at the time of this photo. It's been a few years since I've seen a water logged diaper and I felt the need for some entertainment since we have been housebound with Ava's mystery virus all week. It doesn't take much to entertain me. Watching her wabble around the backyard toting this diaper behind was better than an HBO special.
So here we are, 19 months. On the downward slide to two.

Kickball anyone?

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Beverly said...

She is so cute. Lovin' the water logged diaper too.