Thursday, June 07, 2007

Fruity Centerpieces

Only because some kind readers asked for photographic proof that I did indeed use oranges, lemons and limes in attempt to spruce up the neighborhood soiree am I posting a pictures after the fact.

Truth be told ...these photos were taken this morning. In my state of manic cooler filling/labeling and heading off 30 older children at the backyard gate so they would not let the 18 smaller children out beyond the gate to run rampid like little wild dogs in the street I simply could not pause in zen like state to pull the Minolta out to "make a memory". I'm sure you understand if you too have ever experienced temporary brain damage that led you to think entertaining an entire neighborhood for an evening would be prudent.

Since I still have the fruit on the kitchen table...voila...photographic evidence recreated with minimal effort on my part.

I found the table cloth material at Joann's on the clearance rack for $1.00 per yard. I am a sucker for 1960's era tie dye's and batiks. It creates birkenstock euphoria moments that could only be matched with a roach clip and funny looking little cigarettes. Let's be honest, those days are so far long gone and have been woefully replaced by little cups of blueberry organic yoghurt and tiny cheese crackers molded into goldfish shapes.

Perhaps the stash of tie dyes (I bought them in reds, yellows and lime green like the one you see here.) will become matching play clothes sets for 2 little girls soon. We will see how ambitious their mother gets in the month to come.

So, there you have it fruity centerpieces on a budget. Feel free to pilfer the idea and use it in your next backyard soiree. Make sure to never mention that you "were inspired" by some house frau on the internet and the idea came to you as you were efficiently washing baseboards or something else ridiculous that no one ever does. It will surely impress your mother-in-law and Mrs. Cravitz who lives next door.

Next Up: My invitation to participate in a trunk show with my handbags OR why I canceled the exterminator for the little uninvited guests in my kitchen. Please vote accordingly.

P.S. Do not email me if you regularly clean your baseboards. I don't want to know about it, I do not want to hear about it, I don't even want to think that some people would do it.


Space Mom said...

Nice! I like that!

Clean...baseboards? That's why I hired a cleaner!

Jacquie said...

Love it. I'm so stealing your idea. Thanks!

Oh, and the other two topics you mentioned? Equally intriguing.

Susan said...


You're supposed to clean baseboards? Oh. To those who may visit my abode, no looking south of the chair railing. You may lose all respect for me.