Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sad Little Sickie

The kid is never sick. Really, hardly ever. Yesterday she complained of a sore throat and I poo poo'd it as drainage from mild seasonal allergies and gave her a healthy dose of Claritan.

Then she wouldn't eat dinner. She NEVER doesn't eat dinner. (She gets the healthy appetite from me.)

This morning she wouldn't eat breakfast and was crying saying her throat hurt.

Since my kids only get sick on Sundays I figured she surely must be honestly sick. And she was running a fever, my kids only run fevers on Sundays when the Dr. is out.

The nurse and Dr. at the med check agreed it had to be Strep throat while giving her the once over. Sick breath, fever, swollen glands, pain all lead to Strep. Although, she tested negative. "Weird", they said. This diagnosis of weird is not highly comforting to the one who has to take her home in 20 minutes.

In the end they are not sure if it really is Strep that isn't testing positive yet or if it is Mono. Mono? Fabulous. The trial run is to put her on antibiotics for 48 hours and see if it clears...if so, Strep...if not Mono. I admittedly perked up a bit upon hearing Mono. I was assured it is not as bad when a 5 year old gets it as when adults get it. Really? News to me. I'd really rather not test those waters.

In the mean time she's slurping chicken noodle soup and popscicles with her mood brightened by a double dose of Motrin approved by the Dr. My mood? Not so bright, no party at the neighbors this afternoon and no summer camp tomorrow. Seriously how many cartoons can she watch before we both go over the edge?

I'm biting my nails hoping all germs have been confined to her little throat and next week does not hold Strep or Mono for the rest of the clan.


Heather Ann said...

I started a comment but got pushed aside in favour of a game that went "bing." I have three kids here this week with Strept throat and the Scarlet Fever rash and I think the culprit is the boy who had the infection at the beginning of May and didn't get rid of the bug with the Amoxil. Over the course of our many Strept throat adventures I learned that the fast test does have some false negatives. (Maybe 5%?) I have, however, had the tonsils with the purulent plaques that look like Strept and tested negative even with a culture, so it is hard to know. Wishing you all good health and quickly.

Space Mom said...

Poor kiddo

Hope she feels better soon