Friday, June 22, 2007


I've have personally been waiting since November for pool time and hot evenings to spend time perfecting the fine art of popsicle slurping.

Last night provided the perfect backdrop for a popsicle.

The Muffin Man dug out the popsicle chairs. No one should have to stand and eat, it wouldn't be right.

Olivia has her popsicle eating outfit ready to go. The birthday suit washes up up a little better than the white onesie.

Liv carefully chose raspberry. Would you mess with this kid? She's all business when it comes to raspberry.


Tracy and Muriel said...

Love that last picture of Liv...those eyes starring into the camera are fantastic! Happy Summer!

Heather Ann said...

Good idea. However, today it is too cold to put on our birthday suits. Some lovely baby chub happening there! What is the news on the Mono?

Temple Gagni said...

How precious! It's the simple things that make the best memories...and pictures!