Thursday, June 21, 2007

Calling Curriculum Management

Kindergarten Update:

I called over to the school yesterday afternoon as I was gettin' all fired up about readin' and 'rithmitic. I got a message machine telling me that they were on vacation. Yes, I seem to remember from my days in school, be them MANY years ago, that indeed most school teachers and administrators like to pop that taco stand as soon as the door has hit the last little one in the ass on the way out. For this I do not begrudge them.

However, still have this little issue of WHEN THE HECK ARE YOU GOING TO TELL ME WHAT DAY OF THE WEEK MY ACADEMIC PROTEGEE WILL GRACE YOUR SCHOOL WITH HER PRESENCE? So I can decide if we get to participate in swanky enrichment program or fork over the check to the state government.

I called the curriculum management center in my township. I am duly impressed. She was very patient and kind with even my impatient and rather snotty self. She explained that they are in a bit of a pickle right now but will do everything they can to accommodate our wishes. Up to and including Ava in a full day class without the $200 summer deposit. She guaranteed me that Ava would be " No Child Left Behind" and they would graciously pop her in a full day class even if we didn't decide until August.

Or, as another alternative if our home neighborhood school decided to offer alternate day classes on the days that we are already signed up at enrichment, they would even offer us alternate days at another school. But busing could not be guaranteed. (I think that is fair, don't you?)
However, I am not all that keen on Ava attending a school a few miles away only to then be transferred back to our home school for 1st grade. She does have loyal subjects to command to and all, she needs to hang with her local peeps. She's Jenny from the block, and all. I do however appreciate the offer.

In the end we were instructed to send in our application for full day, sans dinero. That way they know we are coming and have slot for us no matter what. We will wait until next week until the state announces how much little home school won in the $33 million dollar race to academic perfection. Thus allowing the school to better calculate how many other little academic geniuses will be selecting alternate day kindergarten vs. the full day option.

Do you think that Miss Beetle worried about all these complicated issues when teaching at the Little School On The Prairie?


Space Mom said...

Oy! That sounds crazy. The state here allows each town to pick its days, so, we have full day K, 4 days a week!

But my friends, 15 minutes away, have 1/2 kindergarten everyday.

Our K ends early. Her's ends the same time as the older kids (to get the same amount of days)

Crazy, no?

Good luck!

OziMum said...

Argh! The decisions?!!! Been there, done that.

For the record, I drive my kids 1/2 an hour through peak hour traffic, everyday to take my kids to school. Thankfully, its only about a 15-20 min trip to pick them up! Sent Mikayla to local school round the corner. BIG mistake. I'm happy to do the mega drive, she's in a great school now.