Monday, June 25, 2007

News On The Crafty Front

I'm seriously considering changing my Pink Evita blog up a bit and using an online service called for selling my handbags. Have you ever used If so, was your experience good? Please leave me a comment oh great internets.

I am enjoying sewing and crafting so much. I'd like the Pink Evita blog to not necessarily be all about pictures of the handbags but be expanded to include a little bit about things I make for the girls or projects I am trying. Or perhaps whatever captures my creative spirit at the moment. I have lots of ideas for projects swirling in my head and most have nothing to do with selling anything.

For example, I have it in my head and on a pattern for that matter than I can make myself the coolest retro 1957 dress. Who knows though, only time will tell if the poppy material I've selected will be a gorgeous dress or might end up as more matching play sets for my girls.

Anyone recognize the table cloth material from the backyard soiree for the neighborhood a few weeks ago?

Although, in the same breath I am so pleased that I am selling some handbags and would like to continue the wee bitty business. Let's face it anything more than a wee bitty business right now in my life would be a wee bitty bit too much. If you read twoladybugs at all you know why...the lovely bugs keep me fully employed at the moment. But they won't be all about diapers and kindergarten forever and someday they will fly the nest and hop on a big yellow bus for several hours a day. Or so they tell me. I get the hugest kick when someone emails me and says, "make me a bag". I absolutely love the process of communicating with them and finding the exact material and style and dimensions. There is just big love joy at the sewing machine for me right now.

So, I'll let you know when I get some changes to the blogosphere and perhaps get something uploaded to


Stephanie V said...

I've used Etsy on many, many occasions and have had nothing but great experiences - although the shear quantity of stuff is a little overwhelming. And I love those dresses - would you be interested in a commission?

Stephanie said...

Ha, I didn't realize that you had a craft blog too! Craft bloggers are really great, helpful people. I checked out your bags - I would definitely set up an Etsy shop!

Stephanie said...

Oh, my craft blog is, just in case you wanted to stop on by!