Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm Scattered

I'm a bit of a scattered mess.  It's almost as if the kid's are metaphorically standing in front of my work room with their little arms outstretched saying "Don't go in there.  Don't create anything.  Don't get any work done.  Make us macaroni and cheese and take us to the pool. Buy us ice cream."  I'm on the other side of the door saying "Wait, wait little girls...I have lots of ideas.  I'm ready to expand into another shop in town.  I have ideas beyond handbags, crazy colored dresses and baby items are up next on the cutting table." When I am working for a few hours I'm worried I'm not spending enough time with them, summer is short after all.  And when I am not working...which is a lot..I feel as though I should be getting more done for some fall shows coming up. 

So this is my summer.  Wanting to enjoy it with my littles and wanting to have some more time to do what I love, create.  Mostly, I've been hanging in the hood with my littles.  Fine, they win.  They should after all, they are 8 and 4 and deserve my time and attention.    
Here they are getting Santa's time and attention.  This was taken last week on a visit to Santa Claus, Indiana.  Yes, there really is a town called Santa Claus in Indiana.  It is in the middle of a corn field, but you knew that was coming right?  Olivia asked Santa for a sword and a gun.  I'm hoping we don't have deep seeded issues.

This black and white hobo bag goes out in the mail this afternoon. Ha, one bag.  Done.  Ok, two bags if you count the little zipper pouch that goes with the big hobo bag.  Two bags done. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Wristlets

Here are a few new little gathered and banded wristlets in all colors for summer!  I'm working on a run of about 12 of them to take to a private home show early in August. They seem to say summertime to me.  You know, going to backyard bar-b-que or sitting outside at a restaurant and you don't want a big bag sitting on the ground that will get someone else's "drink sweat" all over it.  Ahh ha, take a fun colorful little wristlet instead.     
Guess what didn't happen today?  The girls photography session that has already been rescheduled once.  It is raining buckets right now.  Not conducive to adorable photos of little girls running and playing through summer flowers.  If this crazy weather keeps up our summer floral photo in amazing sleeveless apron dresses is going to turn into fall pumpkin patch photos.  Oh well, I am seeing some darling Halloween fabrics being advertised recently.  Seriously, we are going to try for next week. 

In the meantime, I can make more gathered wristlets and some new totes for fall that will be listed on Etsy soon. 

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Why Work Related Activity Is Not Happening

Oh, but they are having fun at the pools across the Northside of Indy. Ava, on the left is whopping it up with her two friends E and E.

I'm stealing a few hours this afternoon to work on a few new wristlets. Will share soon.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Fancy Pants

I miss fancy pants. I miss chubby little legs with 3 rolls above the knees. My Ava had so many rolls as a baby no one could resist lightly pinching her delightful baby chub. Seriously I had to shoo away old women at the malls. When I laid her down on the changing table I would kiss all those porcine toes over and over until she laughed kicking and screaming for more.

No one in our house wears fancy pants anymore. Sniff. Well, I don't suppose you can count the rolls above my knees since truly no one wants to see 40 year old rolls, let's be honest.

Maybe why that is why these fancy pants complete with their rows of ruffles have me waning nostalgia. These pants are for a photographer client who will use them while she shoots little girls doing what little girls do best.

Oh, but will her little clients be 1/2 as darling as my little ones? I think not.

Ava at 10 months old. Lots of baby chub.
Olivia at 15 months, no chub. She was projecting the baby Twiggy thing. But nonethless, over the top adorable.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

The Neighborhood Pool

We've recently been invited to a number of friends' neighborhood pools. One friend even has the neighborhood pool located in their backyard separated by a fence. Is that the best of all worlds, a pool maintained by the neighborhood association located about 10 steps from your back door? Another friend has a neighborhood pool complete with playground, large deck that overlooks a pond and grills. Swanky I tell you.
Our neighborhood, well we have a lawn service that cuts the grass along the common area. You can read into that, no pool, no clubhouse, no Friday night association game nights. And yet I am not complaining since we have beautiful mature trees in our neighborhood that give the area a much older greener feel than some of the other neighborhoods in our town. Our neighborhood has that small homey unaffected feel.

So, without further ado I share with you Millbrook's very own neighborhood pool. Dues are excessively cheap, just make friends with the proprietresses with an offer of sharing a water resistant toy. Bring your own juice box if you come through the gate. And don't get wigged out when the dog starts to drink from the pool.
The girls have become so fond of the Millbrook Association Pool this summer that they use it almost every day. See that ring at the top? I can now blow it up in 16 large breaths while Ava runs for the hose to start the process of filling full cold pool. Those lamb's ear, hosta and hydrangea located immediately behind the pool are rockin' it since they get a huge dose of water every night at about 7pm when the pool "closes".

All this pool fun does make me miss this amazing pool of water where we enjoyed a week of sand and sun and rolling gulf waves last month. Don't the Muffin Man and Liv look happy at the beach? Hope you are enjoying your "pool" of water this summer.