Thursday, July 01, 2010

The Neighborhood Pool

We've recently been invited to a number of friends' neighborhood pools. One friend even has the neighborhood pool located in their backyard separated by a fence. Is that the best of all worlds, a pool maintained by the neighborhood association located about 10 steps from your back door? Another friend has a neighborhood pool complete with playground, large deck that overlooks a pond and grills. Swanky I tell you.
Our neighborhood, well we have a lawn service that cuts the grass along the common area. You can read into that, no pool, no clubhouse, no Friday night association game nights. And yet I am not complaining since we have beautiful mature trees in our neighborhood that give the area a much older greener feel than some of the other neighborhoods in our town. Our neighborhood has that small homey unaffected feel.

So, without further ado I share with you Millbrook's very own neighborhood pool. Dues are excessively cheap, just make friends with the proprietresses with an offer of sharing a water resistant toy. Bring your own juice box if you come through the gate. And don't get wigged out when the dog starts to drink from the pool.
The girls have become so fond of the Millbrook Association Pool this summer that they use it almost every day. See that ring at the top? I can now blow it up in 16 large breaths while Ava runs for the hose to start the process of filling full cold pool. Those lamb's ear, hosta and hydrangea located immediately behind the pool are rockin' it since they get a huge dose of water every night at about 7pm when the pool "closes".

All this pool fun does make me miss this amazing pool of water where we enjoyed a week of sand and sun and rolling gulf waves last month. Don't the Muffin Man and Liv look happy at the beach? Hope you are enjoying your "pool" of water this summer.


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Love your blog. posted your bag on my facebook. I'm sure the millions of fans of mine will see it and be calling in orders left and right! Need to get together with Tricia. Maybe next week?