Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Weekend Of My Life

Before you see how I spent my weekend, hop on over here and get yourself registered for the Pink Evita Freebie Giveaway.   Just like the page and you could win the adorable little zipper pouch set.  Drawing is April 1st, 2011.
It's amazing what you will do when you become a mother.  Now that my children are beyond the spitting up and diapering phases of their lives you'd think I would be able to successfully avoid those days where I find myself thinking, this is it? really this is my life?  I chose this? Not so. 

Apparently, better judgment completely left my senses this weekend as I attempted to make a little spring jacket for my 9 year old.  There is an entire weekend of my life dedicated to this little denim jacket.  It must be documented therefore, for posterity's sake.  This is so I will know what to tell my children when they one day ask me why they never had clean clothes growing up.  I will be able to tell them, "Well dear, you never had clean clothes freshly laundered and put away because you made the fatal mistake of telling Mommy in the fabric store that you liked this neon lantern print fabric and wouldn't be cute on a jacket?"  My weakness, some women feel woozy around good quality chocolate.  I on the other hand am simply unable to walk away from a sewing challenge brought forth from my girls.  I smell a botched prom gown attempt circa 2018.  I know it, I can feel it deep within my bones.

I ripped this little jacket apart three times, taught Ava (my nine year old) some choice new swear words, and yelled at the dog.  (In my defense, she walked across my tissue paper pattern and ripped the sleeves. If that isn't grounds for animal verbal abuse I don't know what is.)

The weekend is over.  The laundry never made it past the large "dirty" bin.  And, we now have a little denim jacket, for better or worse.  The better part is, it's done.  The worse part is...it will probably fit Ava for about 1 month before she outgrows it.  She's at school right now, so her little sister did my the kindness of modeling it.  It's a bit big on Olivia, but she'll be wearing it soon enough when Ava complains too loudly about it being tight in the shoulders. 

After a weekend dedicated, I'll strap it onto the dog in a few years if I have to.

 This is Olivia knowing I'm kidding about the jacket.  This is Chloe, giving me the shifty eye while thinking, I'm not wearing it.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Promised Freebie Giveaway

As I mentioned in the post yesterday I have decided now is the time...for me to step into 2009 or thereabouts.  2011 might be a stretch for me, so baby steps. 

Would you like an adorable blue zipper pouch with matching key fob to arrive in your mailbox?  You could win my newest little zipper pouch with matching key fob absolutely free.  All you have to do is "Like" the Pink Evita Facebook page.  Here. 

Then on April 1st, 2011 I will randomly draw one of you as the winner. If you have already "liked" the page you will automatically be entered.  Then after the drawing we can chat privately about where you would like it sent (in the US) and I will get little miss blue off to you!  Just in time for your fabulous spring break get away right?  No fabulous spring break getaway this year?  I understand.  At least the thought of possibly winning a little zipper pouch might bring cheer right?  Glass 1/2 full, people.   

Good luck and head on over to facebook so I can give little miss blue away. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A PetiteTear Drop Pouch and Promises of a Freebie

Look, it's a new little tear drop shaped zipper pouch.  Normally my zipper pouches are a bit more boxy in shape. Which is fine, but I saw this pouch in Amy Butler's book, and had to try it.  I must say the shape is very cute.  Maybe it is my overly large man hands, ha, but the opening is a bit small.  (I like to zip open and dive right on in for my lipstick and gum.) For the petite handed gal though, this is divine.   

 This one is going to be a companion pouch for a recent custom order for a feminine ruffled messenger bag.  Again, with the mixing of the leather and more colorful fabrics.  Ah ha, I'm onto something.  Form plus function, I didn't make that up.  Sigh. 

 Nice match, right?
Those other patterns in the Amy Butler book at screaming my name.  Make me up...make me up.  But then so are a plethora of other projects.  Such is life..another day another project in the sewing room. 

In more administrative news, I've decided to step into the forward facing time machine.  And actually use facebook.  I know, I know you're probably thinking NO NO her 6 1/2 year old PC will probably spin it's little head spewing green bile and die a quick but gruesome death.  She will probably melt down too.  Call in help, send her away so we don't have to witness.  So, tomorrow.. there is a give away.  Ha...bet you didn't see that coming!  Something along the lines of follow Pink Evita on facebook and you will be registered for freebie.  More later.  Bye.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Spring Show

I've just been free working the last several weeks in the sewing room.  I'm trying to get ready for a spring show where I applied to be a vendor.  I was accepted and usually this is the time I start to work feverishly making sure I have enough inventory and skittering here for supplies, and flitting there to make sure everything is just so.

This time?  Not as much.  I'm just sort of winging it and not freaking out.  I'm really trying to make what I love and what inspires me.  I'll bring what I have to the show and see what happens.  It's lots more relaxing to have this attitude.

Here is the show where I will be on April 16th, 2001.   Chica Boutique 10am to 4pm Zionsville Town Hall Zionsville, IN 46077  Come on out that day and see all the wonderful local artisans!

Want to see what I've been making? 

A few quilt inspired scarves.  With ball fringe at the bottom.  Ball fringe makes me smile. 

Fabric flower pins.  I cannot stop making them.  I love them.  I even had Ava's Brownie troop make some to earn a sewing patch.  They loved it.  Nine year olds stabbing themselves with with real needles all the in name of a prized flower they could say they made.  It was a beautiful thing.  I no longer have feeling in my right thumb, but it's a small price to pay.

Key Fobs.  Because I never go to a show without them.  They always sell.  They are only $7.00 and really they work.  No more losing the keys in the big old bag.  You can see them at my online shop if you like. 

I'll post some more sneaky peek things soon. 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Nose In A Book

After all of my not so subtle, you can read that as rather hardcore attempts to turn my children into serious bookworms, look at what I saw as I heard the school bus pull up into the neighborhood for afternoon drop off earlier this week.

Yes, the bus spat out one serious bookworm, slowly making her way to the house.  One tiny step at a time, probably as not to lose her spot on the page.  A reference book for kids about Greek Gods and Godessess
had captured her attention.  Later that evening I heard all about Medusa, complete with illustrations.  Made me want to get myself to the salon for a trim, if truth be told.  If Greek mythology does it for her, I'm on board.  Just read.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Climbing The Walls

Literally we're climbing the walls.  Well not we, SHE is climbing the walls.  This is how she entertains herself after preschool everyday while I sew.  This is crazy and I can't believe I let her do it.  She is a bit like a cat though, and seems to always land on her feet.  This is after all, the child that I found walking on the top of her crib using only the wall and her fingertips to balance herself.  That was the day I took away the crib and made her sleep on a mattress on the floor for the next year.  She was 18 months old.  I took the curtains away when I found the rod broken and hanging out of the wall after a "curtain swinging" session when she was three. 

Perhaps she was Spiderman in a previous life.  Maybe her people are circus people.

Here she is 1/2 way up the door.  Even the dog is looking at her with alien eyes.

 And here she is all the way up.

She can also do some serious scaling of limbs on a few of the larger trees out in the yard.  Oy.  I do try to remind her how much non-fun the emergency room is.  She knows this based on first hand knowledge during last year's quick trip to repair a very split open chin.  Five stitches later and one "free" teddy bear she says she's being careful. 

 Chloe is either unimpressed with the antics or keeping one eye out for flying five year olds headed her way. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Peanut Butter AND Jelly

Over the last several months I've seen some local handbag designers recently do some amazing things with leather.  Really creative different things with leather. I would think to myself, I wonder if I could work with leather?  Should I work with leather?  It is just about the most durable handbag material there is out there, and clearly there is no shortage of ladies out there willing to purchase a leather handbag.  Well, yes I suppose I could but the thing that always stopped me was the thought of losing my beloved color in my bags.  I live for the colors and the textures in the fabrics that I find.  Even though I like the idea of a durable black leather handbag, honestly the thought of only working with that piece of black or brown leather just isn't exciting enough for me.  I want to have the challenge of making some wild colors work together.

It dawned on me this winter that I might be restricting myself to think in terms of only working with leather vs. a more colorful and whimsical fabric.  Why not both?  I am embarrassed that I haven't thought of this before.  Why only peanut butter or jelly?  Why not both?

So here it is, a new bag.  Leather on the bottom for durability and then some crazy adorable decorator cotton on top.
Love some red woosy polka dots for the lining. 
A bright happy flower.  It's removable.  Because you never know when you might want to take it off and use it on your jean jacket.  See the silver pin on the back?  Clever right?  I thought so.  Who doesn't like to get a 2 for 1, bag plus pin.  Yea. 

This bag has a few sisters made up and ready to go to a good home.  I'll be listing them on etsy soon.
I always say that and then become delinquent on listing items on etsy.  Can you tell photographing and computer work listing items isn't my favorite part of this gig?  I need an intern, who will work for free bags.  But, then don't we all need an intern who will work for free?

Thursday, March 10, 2011


It's coming right?  Spring. I dressed everyone in spring coats today only to have my preschooler complain of being cold at on the walk from the car to her class.  Mother of the Year moment.  Then on the way out snow flurries danced over my head as I quickly hopped in my warm car.  Go away snow. I want to wear these.  I have my toes painted pink, I'm all set. 

Spring colors might make the cold weather blues disappear right?

New bib, burp cloth, pacifier clip sets.  Very fun bright happy spring baby colors. 

Don't lose your binky.  The 5 second rule is gross if you are not 1 year old yet. 

Bright and happy taggie blanket.  Disco dots.  Uber soft minky fabric on the back.  Ahhh.

Taggies in all colors.  Wrapped up in ribbons. 

Sock Monkeys.  Even 6 inches of snow can't get you down while looking at these guys. 

Reversible, yea they are all reversible. 

And, for the little gal who might like pink. 

If the little one in your life would like a new spring sampling of color in the form of useful slobber control items go see Sherri at her shop.  She has candy too.  CANDY.  Just ask Livi.  She goes for the gummy worms every time.