Friday, March 11, 2011

Peanut Butter AND Jelly

Over the last several months I've seen some local handbag designers recently do some amazing things with leather.  Really creative different things with leather. I would think to myself, I wonder if I could work with leather?  Should I work with leather?  It is just about the most durable handbag material there is out there, and clearly there is no shortage of ladies out there willing to purchase a leather handbag.  Well, yes I suppose I could but the thing that always stopped me was the thought of losing my beloved color in my bags.  I live for the colors and the textures in the fabrics that I find.  Even though I like the idea of a durable black leather handbag, honestly the thought of only working with that piece of black or brown leather just isn't exciting enough for me.  I want to have the challenge of making some wild colors work together.

It dawned on me this winter that I might be restricting myself to think in terms of only working with leather vs. a more colorful and whimsical fabric.  Why not both?  I am embarrassed that I haven't thought of this before.  Why only peanut butter or jelly?  Why not both?

So here it is, a new bag.  Leather on the bottom for durability and then some crazy adorable decorator cotton on top.
Love some red woosy polka dots for the lining. 
A bright happy flower.  It's removable.  Because you never know when you might want to take it off and use it on your jean jacket.  See the silver pin on the back?  Clever right?  I thought so.  Who doesn't like to get a 2 for 1, bag plus pin.  Yea. 

This bag has a few sisters made up and ready to go to a good home.  I'll be listing them on etsy soon.
I always say that and then become delinquent on listing items on etsy.  Can you tell photographing and computer work listing items isn't my favorite part of this gig?  I need an intern, who will work for free bags.  But, then don't we all need an intern who will work for free?

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Stacia said...

You are SO funny! I love your writing style. Yes, go for the the peanut butter and jelly, and maybe even peanut butter and HONEY, or peanut butter and BANANAS. Go WILD!