Thursday, March 10, 2011


It's coming right?  Spring. I dressed everyone in spring coats today only to have my preschooler complain of being cold at on the walk from the car to her class.  Mother of the Year moment.  Then on the way out snow flurries danced over my head as I quickly hopped in my warm car.  Go away snow. I want to wear these.  I have my toes painted pink, I'm all set. 

Spring colors might make the cold weather blues disappear right?

New bib, burp cloth, pacifier clip sets.  Very fun bright happy spring baby colors. 

Don't lose your binky.  The 5 second rule is gross if you are not 1 year old yet. 

Bright and happy taggie blanket.  Disco dots.  Uber soft minky fabric on the back.  Ahhh.

Taggies in all colors.  Wrapped up in ribbons. 

Sock Monkeys.  Even 6 inches of snow can't get you down while looking at these guys. 

Reversible, yea they are all reversible. 

And, for the little gal who might like pink. 

If the little one in your life would like a new spring sampling of color in the form of useful slobber control items go see Sherri at her shop.  She has candy too.  CANDY.  Just ask Livi.  She goes for the gummy worms every time. 


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