Thursday, February 17, 2011

Look Who's Learning The Ropes

The girls and I have been doing a bit of cleaning up around here.  You know, your average toy decluttering, closet ambushing, and cupboard sweeping.  Just look at all those stuffed animals.  Most of them are now enjoying life at the Goodwill.  It's not exactly spring weather, but since it is Chinese New Year and 1/2 of this family is Chinese American...we do try our very best to honor the old traditions and one is certainly sweeping out the old while the new year comes in.  Xin Nian Kaui Le, and sweep up a dust bunny on your way out kids. 
While we, and by that I mean ME were on a recent cleaning out frenzy, Liv stopped me in my tracks and started asking to use the mini sewing machine that I bought for Ava last year.  Ava is somewhat interested in the sewing machine usually for about 10 whole minutes at a time, until she makes a mistake gets frustrated and then ups and leaves. The, Yea, Mommy has been sewing for years and STILL can't make properly complete a pleat DON'T worry about being perfect speech hasn't taken hold yet.

I figure if Ava isn't exactly burning up the midnight oil on the Sew Mini, let Liv have at it.  She loves the thing.  She goes to preschool and then asks if she can sew right away when she comes home. She likes to do her own thing.  She tells me to go over to my machine and leave her alone. Nice.  Other than her idea to make a pencil holder (as seen in the photo in pink paisley) and a sleeping bag for the preschool room teddy bear (completely her idea, and made of purple fake fur I might add) she hasn't really expressed any interest in any rule following or patterns or project runway designs.  All in due time right?  So, here she is doing her own thing, me leaving her alone.  And her proclaiming to anyone who will listen, "Look at me, I didn't even cut off any fingers today."

I too am of the school of "no cut off fingers today = good times".

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Stacia said...

How sweet! Yes, the kids are always full of surprises and delight us in unexpected ways. Happy warm day in winter!