Thursday, February 03, 2011


I bought this book today at Borders.  I had a gift card.  I wasn't planning on buying this book, but it jumped out at me from the shelf.  And so I bought it.  Mostly because my dog Chloe has become so much a part of me.  Her eyes look like this dog on the cover.  Sweet.  She follows me around the house.  She always wants to sit with me.  Why would anyone want to follow me around the house?  Why would anyone sit outside of a shower waiting for me to appear from behind the glass, wet.  This happens everyday.  Then she sits on a bath mat and waits patiently while I dry my hair and dress.  

And yet, why won't she listen to me when I yell at her everyday about climbing in the dishwasher?  Why will she not stop jumping up on the kitchen table when she thinks no one is looking?   

Mostly she is simple unconditional love, and that is why I am fascinated by her.  I've never had a dog like Chloe.  Her head is on my pillow here.  This is another thing she regularly illegally engages in.  Clearly she is very stressed out here and seems panic stricken that I might yell at her for sleeping on my pillow. 

She is modeling the new dog collar and scarf set I made for her.  She looks quite fetching don't you think?  This new dog collar with matching little scarf will be debuting in my etsy shop soon.  I'll let you know when we have a few sets done, canine tested and ready to sell! 

I will report back when I learn more about the Inside Of A Dog.  Or what it takes to be a better pack leader, whichever comes first. 

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