Monday, February 07, 2011

For Me, It Was About The Snacks

The Super Bowl, that is.  The Super Bowl marks a momentous occasion in our household.  The end of weekly football for a whole 8 months until football season starts right up again.  Over the past 20 years or so being married to the Muffin Man, a lover of all things football, I've gotten used to every television being turned to all football all the time for a good 7 months a year.  I've learned not to fight it and just roll with the blood sport of watching sports. To mark the beginning of my few months being football free the Super Bowl is a happy occasion.  We invite friends, I clean the house and cook up a storm. The friends bring way too many fabulous snacks and I top the evening off with a few glasses of brightly colored adult punch or my favorite box of wine.  Yes, box of wine.  I run a classy show around here.  This year I made Packer Punch, even though I was secretly cheering for the Steelers.  I'm nothing if not a generous hostess.
I got pulled in by the color, I'll admit.  The taste, not so much.  It's how you look though right? The cheddar cheese encrusted large olives baked in the oven? Now that was something to cheer for.  I ate too many.  My kids ate too many, and then stayed up too late.  Which is why Ava is now napping after a momentous screaming melt down while doing math homework this afternoon.  I love it when she pulls a great screamer, it keeps me humble.

This nap time for Ava is giving Liv and I time to put the final touches on an outfit I promised I would make her best friend from preschool.  Her friend saw Liv dressed in this outfit and asked for one of her very own.
So here it is,  All done.  I couldn't find the pony fabric and had to go the cow route this time.  Liv is modeling for me.  Makes you want to Moo doesn't it?   

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