Friday, February 11, 2011

New Baby Set

I've been working on this baby sling and diaper bag set for the last day and a half or so. When I say day and a half or so I mean in between preschool pick up and drop off, chauffeuring to and from Brownie meetings,  working my way through a rhino sized mound of laundry, girl scout cookie pick up (if you know me in real life and ordered cookies, they will be delivered this weekend) and bathing the dog.  Oh, how she needed a bath.  Oh, and tooteling around in town in my "new to me" car.  It's 16 degrees outside and I have butt warmers and a fabulous sound system.  Ahhh, happy face.

My client chose these fabrics, very pretty, I thought.  You can see them here if you are in the slightest interested in these sort of things.

 Here, Ling is modeling for me sitting happily in a new baby sling.  Gosh, why didn't I make one of these when we brought Liv home?  Is is so lightweight and easy to take on and off.  Wouldn't one made of super soft minky fabric be so wonderful for winter months?  This one is 100% lightweight cotton and will be perfect for the person making a person who will deliver the little babe soon in the spring.  Spring, yes it will come right?  Please tell me it will come...someday. 

 I was also asked to create a diaper bag out of the same fabric line.  The decorator weight (a little bit heavier) fabric was so easy to work with.  It should be good for carrying the 25 lbs. of baby equipment that each little 8 lb. one seems to come with.  Is it just me or does anyone else wonder why one little 16lb. person quickly accumulates about 3000 sq. of stuff to make life bearable? 

Weird.  And clutterish.  I admit I'm glad we are all done with cribs, high chairs, booster seats, exer-saucers, changing tables, high chairs and very small people who through apple sauce against windows.  Although, I admit making diaper bags for them is oddly satisfying.

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Stacia said...

Very much like this combination. It's bright, perky and elegant at the same time!