Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Climbing The Walls

Literally we're climbing the walls.  Well not we, SHE is climbing the walls.  This is how she entertains herself after preschool everyday while I sew.  This is crazy and I can't believe I let her do it.  She is a bit like a cat though, and seems to always land on her feet.  This is after all, the child that I found walking on the top of her crib using only the wall and her fingertips to balance herself.  That was the day I took away the crib and made her sleep on a mattress on the floor for the next year.  She was 18 months old.  I took the curtains away when I found the rod broken and hanging out of the wall after a "curtain swinging" session when she was three. 

Perhaps she was Spiderman in a previous life.  Maybe her people are circus people.

Here she is 1/2 way up the door.  Even the dog is looking at her with alien eyes.

 And here she is all the way up.

She can also do some serious scaling of limbs on a few of the larger trees out in the yard.  Oy.  I do try to remind her how much non-fun the emergency room is.  She knows this based on first hand knowledge during last year's quick trip to repair a very split open chin.  Five stitches later and one "free" teddy bear she says she's being careful. 

 Chloe is either unimpressed with the antics or keeping one eye out for flying five year olds headed her way. 

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