Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Weekend Of My Life

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It's amazing what you will do when you become a mother.  Now that my children are beyond the spitting up and diapering phases of their lives you'd think I would be able to successfully avoid those days where I find myself thinking, this is it? really this is my life?  I chose this? Not so. 

Apparently, better judgment completely left my senses this weekend as I attempted to make a little spring jacket for my 9 year old.  There is an entire weekend of my life dedicated to this little denim jacket.  It must be documented therefore, for posterity's sake.  This is so I will know what to tell my children when they one day ask me why they never had clean clothes growing up.  I will be able to tell them, "Well dear, you never had clean clothes freshly laundered and put away because you made the fatal mistake of telling Mommy in the fabric store that you liked this neon lantern print fabric and wouldn't be cute on a jacket?"  My weakness, some women feel woozy around good quality chocolate.  I on the other hand am simply unable to walk away from a sewing challenge brought forth from my girls.  I smell a botched prom gown attempt circa 2018.  I know it, I can feel it deep within my bones.

I ripped this little jacket apart three times, taught Ava (my nine year old) some choice new swear words, and yelled at the dog.  (In my defense, she walked across my tissue paper pattern and ripped the sleeves. If that isn't grounds for animal verbal abuse I don't know what is.)

The weekend is over.  The laundry never made it past the large "dirty" bin.  And, we now have a little denim jacket, for better or worse.  The better part is, it's done.  The worse part is...it will probably fit Ava for about 1 month before she outgrows it.  She's at school right now, so her little sister did my the kindness of modeling it.  It's a bit big on Olivia, but she'll be wearing it soon enough when Ava complains too loudly about it being tight in the shoulders. 

After a weekend dedicated, I'll strap it onto the dog in a few years if I have to.

 This is Olivia knowing I'm kidding about the jacket.  This is Chloe, giving me the shifty eye while thinking, I'm not wearing it.

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