Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Twins Separated At Target

Ava begged me to buy this dress.  She was portraying Princess Diana in a school project where she had to research someone from history and then act out the part.  Although she has a multitude of charms and genetic gifts she isn't blond, especially tall, blue eyed or even remotely demure like Diana seemed to be...we had our work cut out for us.   This dress paired with a dime store tiara seemed to transform her into Diana circa mid 1980's, well enough to score an A on the third grade project. We are now well positioned for that Yale scholarship. 

Jump ahead four weeks and little best friend comes over to spend the night.  She has a "Diana" dress on the hanger to wear the next morning.  Yes, two matching Diana dresses selected without the other one knowing.  This is apparently 9 year old bliss, and photo worthy.  They met in a hotel conference room in Changsha, as babies one from the North one from the South of Hunan.  But really they are twins, separated in the junior department of Target.  The universe works in mysterious ways surely. 

The best part of this photo?  Check out who is sneaking into background in the window.  Didn't even know she was there until the photo was uploaded.  Now that is the precious part if you ask me.


Stacia said...

Such a precious photo! I hadn't even noticed your littlie (Australians and New Zealanders use this word; NZers have a nice magazine for parenting called Littlies) in the window until you mentioned it. Such darlings, all of them! Thanks for sharing.

Ani said...

They look adorable! And the little sister in the background is really the cherry on top :-)

Anonymous said...

Perrin, they're adorable!!! I love little Olivia peeking out at the "big girls"!! Hope Ann has a copy of this!