Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Time

Well, who would have guessed that June has simply almost bypassed us? How does that keep happening to me? In the month of June we have been on a family vacation.Here are the girls standing in Bo-Bo the Gorilla's cage at the Bubble Room on the prettiest place on earth, Captiva Island, Fl. Bo-Bo escaped sometime back in the late 1970s. Ava and Olivia drank his Shirley Temple.

We threw the dog a big backyard birthday party. Here is Liv and one of Chloe's guests Lacey the Collie. Chloe turned 3 in style complete with giant cupcakes, games of Red Rover, Red Rover and doggie ice cream. I managed to spend more on the dog's birthday party than I have ever spent on a child's birthday party. This fact won't damage my children emotionally later in life will it? We've been to a few summer free concerts put on by our town. Nothing like a band called Rick K and the All Nighters to keep the kidlets entertained. Rick K and his All Nighters went home promptly at 9pm. So, there you go. Life in the suburban Midwest.
And all this activity, it hasn't really been too conducive to high levels Pink Evita productivity. She sighs...resigned to the fact that the children have overtaken the cul-de-sac home, hearth, kitchen and almost all of momma's time and energy. How many more weeks till school starts?

Even though the kids have been rocking my world the last few weeks and have just about turned me into a taxi driver, I have stolen a few moments in the sewing room. I've arranged a new and super fantastic barter. This new barter is for professional photography for the gals! Next week they will be photographed out at the art museum and I will one day be the owner of a darling portrait of their cherubic little faces, if I can get the perma-stain of fudgesicle off.
The photographers wanted a small trousseu of little girl's dresses, diaper covers with fancy ruffles and flower headbands for their clients to use in costume changes. I found this pattern over at Little Lizzard King. If you like to sew, go over for a visit. This lady has the MOST darling little sewing patterns that are ingenious. So easy and well done. I can't stop with the over the top dresses and now want the little pants with ruffles to match. Times like these when a paypal account may not be the best for overall financial health.Speaking of financial health. I'm also taking custom orders in my spare time. Ha. This bag was super fun to make. Vintage button in the middle of the fabric yo-yo...swoon. I'm loving the chocolate leather. (ok, leather-like since the woman wanted a water resistant bottom to the bag, what life happens right?)
These little cuties will be shipped out tomorrow to their new home as well. Ahhh, a summer bar bag. Where is the Sangria?

So there you have it. The kids are good, the puggle is now 3 years old, the muffin man is still selling widgets like a mad man and has practically made me a single parent during the weekdays, and my creative little biz ticks happily onward. Happy summer.

Oooooh almost forgot.
New and improved updates to coming later this week. My web dude, home on summer vacation and gearing up for 11th grade has done some yummy upgrades for me. Details coming soon.

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Gracencameronsmomy said...

the dog party totally cracked me up! our por puppy just turned 1 and we all forgot!! Ummm, when are you going to start taking costom orders for those dresses??? I love those!! unfortunately, I have nothing worth bartering for!!