Friday, June 15, 2007

Mystery Solved

Just as I had finished eating an icecream dove bar on a stick and goofing around with blogger to write about the Mystery virus and our subsequent "caged lion" syndrome the Dr. called the house. I didn't get to the phone in time but heard her say this is Dr. Feel Good, we have Ava's test results, please call me here at the office.

Here is the deal with Dr's. If the test is negative they are always happy to say Negative on the answering machine and take off in the Jaguar to play golf. Seriously, our even keeled and somewhat homely pediatrician drives a hot little red Jag. However, if it is not such good news they usually sound pretty cheery and leave the message to please call at your earliest convenience. You know where this is going.

Apparently, after further testing and 5 days of waiting Ava has Epstein Barr Virus, which is mono. Only a more swanky way to say mono, don't you think? I think Dr.s Epstein and Barr have been driving around in hot little Jags ever since they discovered the virus in 1964. Or perhaps their children are now driving around in little Ferraris as I write this. Oh, to be gifted with the microscope.

What now? Nothing except we have to watch her spleen and liver. Now does that sound like a party waiting to happen or what? Call the friends, bring a dish to share, let's watch Ava's spleen. If that is not enough excitement we could assign someone to watch her liver too. Because we are supposed to watch the spleen and the liver. Terrific.


jaj said...

Sorry to read that Ava's been sick, but I'm glad her fever is gone and she's starting to feel better! I hope you get to your spa soon!!!

Stephanie said...

Seems like mono is popping up everywhere lately. Hope she is feeling better soon.

nikki said...

Well, at least the mystery is solved. I hope sweet Ava is feeling better soon and that YOU get some much needed rest too!

Ranee said...

Uggh Mono. I remember kids getting sick with that and missing so much school. Sounds like she's refusing to let it hold her down, or out of the alligator pool at least!