Saturday, June 09, 2007

No Trunk Show Today

I had this big post all up in my head about being invited to a local artist/vendor party where I could display and hopefully sell some Pink Evita handbags. The party was supposed to be tomorrow and I was sewing away, which I said I would not do since I was willing myself into low expectations of the party. I loosely promised myself I would only take items in stock, but you know how it goes when you only loosely promise yourself something? You know how those home parties go, sometimes they are tolerable and quite frankly sometimes they are ummm...less than tolerable. I only agreed to it because there would be absolutely no sales pitching, spinning of wheels, or loud promises of "2 for 1 signs up NOW" or anything remotely related. Just a little table set up in a corner with me behind 25 handbags smiling ridiculously at people I didn't know.

But alas, it was not meant to be. The party was canceled due to the fact that the lady kind enough to open her house for the party/sale had a miscarriage this week. I don't even know her and I simply felt awful. I'm thankful that she did indeed cancel, what a heartbreak. I've been there and it sucks, there is no other way to put it. No platitudes about not meant to be or any of that other crap. It hurts physically and emotionally, real bad. She obviously needs this time at home alone without 62 ladies telling her it will be ok. I can think of nothing more tortuous.

But, I'm still thinking about avenues for future growth for the little business. I guess I've been thinking about it this week as two dear friends of mine are considering dum dum dum...que scary music....going back to work. Both of their children are entering Kindergarten this fall and they are feeling a little how shall we say...stay at homeish. I watch as they both toss and turn around ideas for balancing home life and possible re-entrance into the work force all the while staying present both physically and emotionally in their children's lives. Both women are highly educated and had wonderful careers before children. Should be an interesting ride to watch them decide. Isn't it always a bonus in life to get to try out life's little options on someone else before YOU actually have to dive in head first?

At the neighborhood soiree of this past weekend one neighbor was asking me if I would ever reconsider my stay at home status and try to re-up at the biggest and bluest corporate company there is. I worked very big and very blue and then I worked consulting for much smaller and much less blue but still highly "corporatey". I quickly joked "My goal is to NEVER work corporate again." At the time I considered it a joke. But I've been really thinking, I don't think its a joke. Perhaps I could work but not in a cubicle. Not now, gosh I don't even have the Liv'ster out of diapers yet. But someday. Maybe.

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Space Mom said...

I am so sad for your friend. Been there, been hurt.

As for work, to open and at home business is not a bad idea...