Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Craft Casserole

This morning I went to craft class. I'm all for school if it is filled with coffee, friendly ladies, and crafty goodness. We made fabric rosettes. I think I might be making them and putting them on everything now. Strips of scrap fabric and a glue gun, heavenly time and my idea of sheer bliss.

First fabric rosette project, an embellished headband. Ava saw it and immediately claimed it as her own. That didn't take long.

Then Liv picked up my new rosette ring. It goes nicely with her fireman's hat, today was field trip day to the fire house.

The only thing left for me is a pin. It might end up on a jean jacket soon.

A local artist/ illustrator/ designer named Lori McDonough is having these classes in her home studio. If you are local in the Indianapolis area and think you might like to spend a very happy and creative few hours, give her a holler and say you want to be a part of craft casserole. http://www.freshpickedwhimsy.typepad.com/

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