Sunday, April 25, 2010

There's a Hound In The Sewing Room

Rule #1. The sewing room at Pink Evita is a smoke free environment. Check. Never smoked, so
clearly this is not an issue.

Rule #2. Small children do not throw or toss or pull at fringes. Check. They only unravel gros grain ribbons and leave toys on the floor for the sewing mistress (that's me) to trip over.

Rule #3. All puggles are to remain in the floor licking only used threads. No puggles are allowed to lie on or otherwise engage with fabrics that may or may not be sold one day. Pet fur on your newly purchased item is NOT cool.

check. puggles always obey.

Or do they? Look who I caught in a rule #3 infraction.

Who me?

Yes, you.

Go torture a squirrel in the backyard and back away from the new red ribbons. Slowly.

No one listens to me. Not even the puggle.

If you see someone around town carrying a bag made from the fabric in the picture...can this little rule #3 infraction be between you and me?