Monday, April 19, 2010

Just The Girls

Seems like it's been all business here lately. But, really these gals are my business. On the left is Ava, modeling the junior sized messenger bag I whipped together for her friend this past week. Ava told me the little girl's favorite color was blue, so a little blue accented messenger bag it was for her birthday. See Chloe? She seems a bit underwhelmed an unimpressed doesn't she? Perhaps she was more interested in her kibble snack. Olivia, on the right is modeling her poodle skirt mixed with normal preschool attire tee shirt. Do you like her Leap Frog watch she got at Wendy's in her kids meal bag? Me either. But don't tell her, she loves the thing.

In the background is my Photo box for taking pictures of my bags and putting the photos on the does wonders for the decorating in my office. I never take it down, I'm too lazy. And the huge armoire on the corner? Yes, that thing is enormous and takes up 1/3 of the room and houses a very old tv that no one ever watches and a collection of never used scrapbooking supplies. (Olivia will have a scrap book of her 1st year of life with us before she is 18, I swear. Doesn't that sound like a good winter project?) Clearly I should list the armoire on craig's list. It takes up too much space. And yet, this all sounds like a project that I don't have time for. What else is new?

I might be getting the decorating bug again. There are some spaces around here that could use it, clearly. far can one get on the $0.00 budget? Perhaps California Closets will come and create some built-in's for me out of the goodness of their little organized hearts?

Yeah, right don't hold my breath.


Anonymous said...

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Ranee said...

The way that you can sew, that budget will get you far! You also have tons of uber cute fabrics to choose from already and I'm envious. Please add DSLR camera straps to your ever growing inventory on Pink Evita, last time I checked no such luck!