Monday, March 29, 2010

Oh, Those Colors

They arrived today. See them? Opening the package and seeing these amazing colors made me swoon. It was like a fix, I tell you.

They were ordered from Quilt Home
and arrived very quickly. Wonderful customer service if you are looking for some quilt weight fabrics for your stash. I have to smack my fast clicking ordering finger every week when the online newsletter arrives. Must-Not-Order-Too-Much-Fabric.

They are sadly not for my own personal stash, they were ordered for a custom set of bags I'll be working on this week.

The tote will look something like this one, but in the colors you see above. I'll toil away here for a while and post the bags when they are done.

On the home front, as if talk of fabrics are not the home front...but you get my drift. My gals are seriously looking forward to seeing grandparents and extended family for Easter and spring break.
Olivia wants the Easter bunny to bring dress up pumps. Ava wants to Easter bunny to bring her a bike helmet that doesn't have Power Rangers on it. Plain pink or purple or blue...something not embarrassing would be much appreciated thank you very much Easter bunny....bok bok. I'm not exactly sure when the Easter bunny took some steroids and beefed up to look a bit like Santa Claus, but it's been made clear that 1 hollow chocolate bunny and a few stale jelly beans will not cut the mustard this year.

I'm off to buy these. And, I'm not sharing.

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