Friday, March 26, 2010

Off to Market

It's been a whirl wind of a week. I spent the beginning of the week taking some custom orders, custom orders, and love spending time with the ladies as we work to come up with something one of a kind. I'll get to work on them next week.

I've also been down to my favorite place in all of Indianapolis, Broad Ripple's...54th and Monon Shops. This is where the delightful Tanya of Ceramic Dreams features some of my bags in her shop. I took several new spring bags down and she called to tell me that I had already sold several pieces this week! Since I've been experimenting with some really bright colors mixed up, really mixed up, (ok, so mixed up that I'm not sure people will "get" what I'm trying to do since I'm often not sure what I'm trying to do) I'm thrilled that so far so good at Tanya's Ceramic Dreams for the new spring goodies.

See this new tote? It's going to market with me tomorrow. We are headed downtown to the Eiteljorg museum for Women In Art Market day. I'm quite frankly thrilled I was allowed in. I'm looking forward to see what the other artists are showing. And, we all know the Muffin Man is big man on the cul-de-sac tomorrow with the girls, so I will be eating my lunch all alone. Or rather, hopefully amongst lots of people walking the market, perusing the goodies and writing big checks.

Getting ready for this show has been at times wonderfully invigorating and at times a ridiculous amount of self imposed stress and pressure. Oh, the table will need 10 more heat therapy rice bags...must whip those up tonight...oooh ran out of white rice..must run to Costco for white rice in bulk. Wouldn't it be adorable if they were two colors rather than one? Must figure out dimensions for cutting. Oooh, that adds another step for sewing them together. But, they are so cute so it's worth it.

Loving the new colorful totes, must have at least 5 on the table. Gah, running out of time and have only 3 designed. Where is that oldest child to be used for cheap child labor? Would it be bad to insist 4 year old uses iron to interface 75 pairs of bag handles? Would that be awkward explaining to ER doc why 4 year old has iron burn on her finger? Bad idea, let them play Wii. Forget the child labor help, for now.

Last minute idea for creating a few Easter baskets for the table? Oooh found adorable fabric which appears to have eggs on it. Lady at store insists they aren't eggs. But seriously, they are eggs and with a pink bow? This could be made into some rocking awesome Easter baskets...but we are sort of at the 11th hour and is it wise to take on a new project for the booth? Clearly no, will I do it anyway...maybe.

So, if you are in the market for a fun activity downtown Indianapolis tomorrow anytime 10am to 5pm, stop by the Women in Art Market at the Eiteljorg Museum and tell me to breath in and then breathe out. Then repeat and get a sandwich.

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