Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Uncle dammit, I cry uncle

Remember the Beast? I hate it. And I love it for it's potential and sheer brute strength. But, mostly I hate it. Seriously, this damn thing better be making some kick ass bags in about another week or I might have to go back to struggling on a machine that isn't built to do what I need it to do or I could simply run the thing through my index finger and call the whole thing off.

I am so #$% frustrated with myself for making some seriously stupid mistakes. Which as of right now is driving me to lug the 65 lbs. of sewing machine head all the way across town again for the second time this week to sheepishly admit I made a complete beginners error and tried to wind the bobbin without unthreading the machine. If I had waited to receive the replacement owner's manual that I ordered over 10 days ago, perhaps I could have read in that owner's manual that you MUST UNTHREAD THE MACHINE BEFORE YOU WIND BOBBIN. Somebody, pass the "Doesn't follow directions well" tee shirt please. Yes, on these commercial machines the needle pops up and down WHILE you are winding the bobbin. This is completely different than home machines. Who knew? Well, perhaps the 16 times trying unsuccessfully to wind the bobbin while watching that needle go up and down might have been a clue for Poirot over here. But no, this gal has to learn everything the hard way. Because if I wasn't constantly learning the hard way...well what fun would there be in my life?

So now I have a newly refurbished machine that has been professionally oiled and fixed and was until yesterday when I picked it up, in fine working order. It took me all of 10 minutes to jam the bobbin case after I got home. Nice.

The question of day is can I get dressed and out of my pajamas to drive across town to take the humiliation at the repair shop? Or should I save that bit of deliciousness until tomorrow?

Oh, and I have a show this weekend, bags are not getting made with all of this foolishness centered around the Beast.

I'm going to have a cup of chamomile.

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Traci said...

Just knowing someone who has your talent is a feather in my cap. Hang in there, Perrin, you will beat the beast!