Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh, Baby!

What could be better than creating for a new little guy who has yet to make his entrance into the world? The only thing better is when the mom chooses some very cool fabrics, that's what.

No snips and snails or puppy dog tails for this too hip chic mama. Her little guy will be seen in some updated oranges, blues and browns when he makes his formal debut sometime in July.

This diaper bag is sort of disguised as a large hobo bag. It has a long adjustable strap, probably to get around the handle of a rather large travel system stroller.

The set includes a diaper caddy which will fit 2-3 diapers and a slim line wipes case. Because we all know what WILL happen the minute you leave the nursery without your handi-wipes. We don't need to go into details or anything, but we do know don't we?

The roll in the photo is just that...a diaper mat rolled up for transport. It has matching fabric on the outside, two layers of fleece on the inside for some cushion and a layer of clear vinyl for easy clean up and wipe down. It is fastened together with a velcro tab.

The back of the bag has two enormous pockets with cowgirl snaps in case mom wants to drop something valuable in the pockets. Both sides of the lining have huge pockets subdivided into 4 pockets for all kinds of baby gear.

Let me know if I can help design and make a diaper bag set for you.

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