Friday, May 07, 2010


Here I was all set up for a show downtown this week. The venue was gorgeous, the other vendors, very high quality. All we really needed was more shoppers. Sadly, this one was chalked up to learning experience, as in learning which shows are worth coordinating with family so that I can spend a whole day downtown, paying entrance fees, paying parking fees and all that good stuff that goes into doing a show. Just not too much traffic, and not too much traffic means not too much in the sales department. Nevertheless, seeing artisans that I have met before at other shows is so fun. Seeing their new items is always a thrill. There were some terrific handbag artists that I haven't seen before. Creative folks inspire me.

I'm now back in the studio as it were. It's a mess in case you were wondering, thank you very much. But, I have some fun custom projects for next week! Perhaps this will inspire me to clear a workspace and vacuum up about 6 lbs. of thread off the floor. I'll post pictures as I finish the new goodies.

A very Happy and Well Deserved Mother's Day out there to all the mom's be you mom'preuneurs, working outside the home, working inside the home and everyone in between out there in the world. I hope you get handmade cards and blueberry pancakes in bed this weekend. Because since it is the toughest job we'll ever love, you deserve it.

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