Wednesday, December 08, 2010

More Aprons

More aprons!  I've discovered that making aprons, designing the shapes, adding pockets, choosing colors is well, huge fun. Who knew?  I come from a rather long line of industrious and creative but not kitchen loving women.  My English/Scottish blood line of ladies sort of viewed the kitchen a necessity in life rather than a passion.  I'm ok with it, really I am. I have a memory of my mother telling me in grade school her mother's version of an after school snack was a raw potato.  Yikes.  Perhaps my next life will include a band of Italian mamas smelling of pizelle cookies and meatballs.  

Anyway, in the interest of living vicariously through other ladies with flour dusting their hair, this "Grandma and Me" set is going out today.  I really didn't know how many people out there really love aprons, and collect them and use them at family gatherings.  I've had so many requests for funky aprons as I met people at my fall shows.   I've had a ball listening to ladies talk about their vintage collections of aprons.  Where do they store them? 

This set is for a gal's mom and her daughter, in anticipation of grandma and granddaughter spending the holiday hours toiling away baking cookies and other holiday treats.  Yum.    I do hope grandma and granddaughter have some delicious bonding time in the kitchen while wearing their new aprons.  Save a lemon drop for me. 

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