Wednesday, December 01, 2010

All Of The Sudden It's Winter

When did this happen? This was the view in my backyard at about 8am this morning.  It's been snowy all day.

Liv slept until 8:30.  She said it was too cold to get up.  I rather agreed with her.  The dog was up with me at 6:30 and then promptly snuggled back in Liv's bed when she discovered a warm body not willing to move about the house.  Who said the dog wasn't that bright?

As I gently pulled Liv out of bed, and sniffed her adorable head just washed last night with berry scented shampoo, it occurred to me that in 8 short months she will be going off to school at 7:30am each morning with Ava.  No more preschooler, no more babies. All the little kids in the house will be going to grade school as early as next August.  I've been caring for babies, toddlers, puggles, and preschoolers for eight years solid now.  I'm not sure I remember what it is like to attempt a task without "help and distraction" from wee people.  Part of me wants to cry.  Part of me can't wait.  Part of me knows that seasons change.

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