Thursday, October 20, 2005

Fruit Snack Mystery

This is a picture of a fruit snack wrapper. It is the third fruit snack wrapper I have found in the house today here at chez Ava. We have a little mystery on our hands since I have not actually approved or dispensed any fruit snacks today. For Ava these little blue baggies contain the holy grail, her equilavent to gem colored gummy diamonds ( they appear to be this girl's best friend).

She has had a little love affair going on with these Welch gems since she was 20 months old. It all started when we headed out on a little road trip to Chicago and I thought I would pack a few bags for the road, to diverge a bit from her normal organic spinach salt and puffed air snack. She took one bite of one fruit snack and her eyes glazed over. Her little 20 month old eyes danced, a perma smile appeared and her chubby little fingers had a death grip on the rest of the bag. She then proceeded to beg me for them the rest of the trip. She had them all eaten on the first day. I vowed to abstain from them since it seemed to insight OCD behavior in my daughter. But here I am 2 years later still talking about fruit snacks. I seem to sometimes get weak when she is not with me and I buy them thinking of her.

Back to the mystery. Yes, obviously I have them in the house. But they are in protective custody. About 6 feet above Ava's eye level in the pantry. They are only released from witness protection on preschool days to miraculously appear in the lunch box. (My silent confirmation to her that Mommy loves you, baby.)

So where the heck did she get 3 bags today? Does she have a secret private custody stash of her own? Does she have fruit snack fairy? I asked her but she won't budge, she knows if she fesses up...end of fruit snack heaven.

I guess I will have to put my Law and Order detective skills to work and get to the bottom of this most perplexing mystery.

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Traci said...

You're so clever...I love the picture! Cracks me up!