Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Mei Mei's Adoption Time Line

We worked so hard to get the big stack of paper to Beijing's China Center For Adoption Affairs, CCAA that I don't want to forget how it all came to be. I guess these are the sorted details of a paperwork pregnancy.

2/1/05 Send initial application to FTIA
2/7/05 Request Perrin's birth certificate from New York $58 yikes
2/7/05 Request Brian's birth certificate and our marriage license from Pennsylvania $10,
cheap State
2/22/05 Perrin's medical exam
2/23/05 Brian's employment verification letter done
2/24/05 Financial paperwork outline done
2/28/05 1st Meeting with Homestudy agency
3/11/05 Homestudy home visit
3/16/05 Perrin's criminal history check
3/18/05 Brian's criminal history check
3/21/05 Brian's medical exam
3/31/05 Homestudy is done
3/31/05 Submit I600a with homestudy to BCIS in Indianapolis
4/6/05 Get 8 documents IN state sealed at Sec. of State office
4/15/05 Receive invitation to be federally fingerprinted
5/2/05 Go to BCIS to be fingerprinted
5/20/05 We receive I-171H in mail - this is preapproval from US Gov't to travel to adopt
orphan child!
5/21/05 Send I171-H and remaining documents to Chicago's Chinese Consulate for
6/1/05 Get all documents back from Chinese Consulate
6/2/05 Overnight bag goes to FTIA with our completed dossier
6/3/05 We are DTC! But get a call from FTIA...I forgot my unemployment letter. Did not
know I needed this. Scramble...write letter...drive to bank for
notary...drive downtown Indy from State Seal...Overnight to Chicago for Chinese
6/4/05 FTIA calls and the document I missed is minor they will send to China without it
6/10/05 I get the document back from Chicago Consultate and overnight to FTIA
6/16/05 We are notified that 6/16/05 is our official Log In Date at CCAA in China.

8/11/05 We get the coveted "Brown Envelope" from the US Consulate in Guangzhou, China. This letter says they have received our paperwork and are ready to see us take the oath to be Mei Mei's parents when we get to Guangzhou.

October 2005 - The six month wait is unofficially extended to 7-8 months.
March 2006 - Still no referral at 9 months. The official timeline has been extended 9-10 months.

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