Monday, October 24, 2005

Party Schrapnel

Now what would make any self respecting educated adult want to subject herself to 5 screaming 3-4 year olds for 2 hours? Then feed them all sugary cupcakes? Add to the idiocy rigorous cleaning for 2 hours before the little goblins come to the door. Hello, when will I learn that you clean after kiddie karnival not before? But then, oh the horrors if a goblin Mommy would see my dust bunny collection that I am keeping just to see how high they will actally stack up before falling. (I am hopeful they might get so high and then blow out the front door one of these days.)

See, this picture? It is evidence that I am one of these ridiculous suburban house moms raising her hand to volunteer her patience for all things heinous.

There were two types of kids at this party. And the evidence is right here in the picture. If nothing else, 5 playdate friends and their mothers serve to educate any hostess in the fine art of humanity in the icing vs. cake argument. Aparently, Ava has friends in both categories. Look at the picture...really. Someone actually ate the cake and not the frosting. I believe this will lead to character flaws in the future, possibly filling our future prison system. It should be stopped in anyone under 5 and therapy should be sought out immediately. If I hadn't been so busy running the 3 rings all at one time I would have made a mental note of who the icing offender was. Hey, I know my kid has "issues" which I won't go into here and now but gosh...she will gladly attack the top of any cupcake any day and that makes all of her other unfortunate human flaws just downright lovable. She is her mother's daughter when it comes to downing massive amounts of spreadable sugar in one lickful.

Ok, someone please email me or verbally thrash me the next time I think it will be "cute" to have a holiday party for the littles at chez 'ding dong. When it is my turn to be volunteer craft queen for the month, please remind me that the local park is always there ready and waiting for me to use my tax dollars.

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