Thursday, October 13, 2005

Knockin' Off The Attitude

In our house the benevolent dictator, that's me, knows that I cannot make my loyal subject, Ava, nap on demand. It isn't for lack of trying...on both of our parts. It is just that this kid has too much to do and see in any given day. She has officially outgrown the nap, heck she's almost outgrown sleep altogether.

Now, the benevolent dictator has in the naps place instituted the kingdom policy of; dum dum dum...quiet time. It is not Ava's favorite time of the day, because she says it is boring with no one to play with. This is by the way her biggest problem nowadays and well, you know what they say about that.

Today Ava steathily broke out of quiet time, headed for lower grounds; the kitchen, and dove into the private stash of cheese nips. Royal justification for beheading at castle Slowey. She was banished to God forbid, a room filled with toys and books for more quiet time. She was not pleased and let me know for about 5 minutes until she settled in and decided to build a city out of Little People.

20 minutes later I hear. "Hey Mom, I've knocked off the attitude!"

She's playing quietly and my side hurts from a royal laugh.

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