Monday, October 03, 2005

Making a Baby Chinese Adoptive Style

When people want to know more about what is happening with their baby once pregnant (other than the obvious sperm meets egg) they have a little conversation with their doctor, who I imagine gives them some colored pamphlets showing in-utero development. At 6 months in-utero your baby gets fingernails or whatever.

When you are adopting a baby from China and you want to know what is happening while she is bakin' in the oven, well you search the internet. Like all modern parents right?

Right now little Olivia is in a stack of papers. Our paperwork is in another stack of papers. We are waiting to meet in the birth canal of paper push-dom. this web site shows where she is. I imagine she is getting ready to move rooms as we have been waiting about 3 months now! How exciting...she is getting fingernails or a brain stem or something.

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