Sunday, October 30, 2005

Take A Seat And Wait A While

Ugh oh, word on the street is that the wait for kidlet number 2 might have just gotten a little longer. How long? Who knows. Hopefully only 1-2 months longer? Maybe it is an evil rumor and we will indeed get that early January referral. (She says hopefully.) It would after all be nice to get home before some freaky bird flu hits us. I'd like to go on record here saying that I NEVER liked birds to begin with. Can't get within 30 feet of an aviary. The promise of only 6 months to wait for baby's referral seems like it might have been a little too good to be true.

Take another's going to be a while.


Lisa~~ said...

Let's hope that it is only 1 or 2 months delay and doesn't turn into the 12 month wait as now posted on the CCAA website. Please let that be a typo or incorrect info posted!

Julie said...

It seems they've been reposting or moving around some old stuff on that site, including notes about how many singles they can support. So hopefully it's old news and we're not waiting too long!