Sunday, October 16, 2005

She Takes After Her Father

He snores, she snores.
We all want quiet more.

Honestly, you would not believe the large sound that can come from this little 16lb dog. You'd swear she's had a nasal obstruction accident or something. In this picture she indignantly raised her head off the illegal cushion. (Everybody in this house thinks that it is dog abuse to insist that the dog stay on the floor but me) She's staring me down because I had the nerve to wake her whooping and gutteral snore sounds.

After listening to the snoring symphony last night from main muffin man, I'm in no mood to cave into the soulful stylings of the grouchy pooch.

By the way she learned this snarly little look from her father too, I recognize it from when I push him to wake him from his regular snore fest at 2am.

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