Thursday, October 27, 2005

Fluffing Up The Nest

Why do parents Nest? When I had my first child I was naively convinced it was because we would love this little mite so much that we would only want the best for her. Everything had to be perfect. A freshly painted nursery (that she could eventually draw on with purple magic marker), clean kitchen floors (that she could throw the contents of every meal all over), newly installed baby gates (that she could easily scale, but keeps the dog nicely penned up), a new Maytag Neptune (to have Mommy ruin lots of baby clothes in) etc..etc...

This time being a BTDT parent you'd think I'd know better. No fluffing necessary. We own every imaginable baby gadget needed. We have a Maytag. The nursery is still a delightful shade of baby blue with garden theme including 108 pickets to make an attractive fence. It also has adorable bunnies and flowers.

What more could a little girl currently living in an orphange somewhere in China really want or need?

Well, let me tell you. She needs baseboards re-painted, family room re-painted, master bathroom shelves cleaned and organized, kitchen pantry shelves re-painted and spices re-alphabetized. Since we are talking alphabetization, (is that really a word?) all of the family room's cds need to be re-org'ed preferably in abc order by musical category. Obviously the kitchen floor needed to be repaired - check- done this week. Scrapbooks need a little updating so that ALL pictures taken before baby's referral should be appropriately pasted onto colorful paper in date order. Hallway closets have about 1 ton of junk that should be packed up and shipped off to Goodwill. The family last will and testament should be updated so that Ava will legally have to share the .06 we have left after the big trip with her little sister. Hmmm...anything else? Yes, go through desk pen collection and weed out the non ink producing losers and deposit into trash.

Here is what I know now. Nesting is really about getting all the stuff done around the house that adult humans (at least the ones with exclusively X chromosomes) instinctively know they will have absolutely no time to complete when taking care of that adorable little mite full time. When March 2006 comes around I will have to wait....about another 3 years... before contemplating fixing up the nest again.

I'm off to see about whittling the family pillow collection down to about 20 pieces each. Don't ask, it's a main muffin man problem.

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Lisa~~ said...

I getting the feeling that nesting is just a way to help pass the time so that we don't end up driving our husbands and everyone crazy. It gives us mini goals and accomplishments to boost our spirits during whatever wait we are enduring. Enjoy the painted baseboards and everything else.

FYI, alphabetization is used here in the U.S, and will appear in U.S. dictionaries, but I don't believe that it is recognized as a real word according to the Oxford English Dictionary.