Thursday, October 06, 2005

Real Sisters

I must share this for posterity's sake for my two lady bugs. Yes two. I know I know one is still in China waiting for us, her forever family but she is already a part of the family and we think of her as Ava's sister and our daughter Olivia.

I really did think the dreaded..."Are they real sisters?" comment might come after we were toting 2 little girls around with us. Apparently not.

Here is how it went down. I must admit I can see the humor in life's little moments when people are just plain old stupid, because I am certainly not above a good old fashioned open mouth insert foot moment. But this is a good one.

We meet a lady at a social function. She is immediately taken with Ava, who is in a good mood and turning on the charm. Lethal combination for anyone who cannot keep up with Ava. She asks her how old she is and Ava is way beyond this small talk. She quickly announces to this virtual stranger that she is getting a baby sister. This winter. Her name is Olivia. When Mommy and Daddy go to pick her up she will be staying in Michigan with Gramma and Grampa. Whew! The lady soakes this in for all of two seconds and looks at me and says "Oh, congratulations you are pregnant. Due this winter? "

I think she is a. kidding or b. completely deft. But she is looking at my stomach with a funny look on her face so I am beginning to think it is the b. option.

I politely say no we are adopting again. We will be going to China again this winter. Ava chimes in, "Yeah, babies are in China." I love the way Ava looks at her like she is sooo dumb for not understanding where babies come from. Ava adds, "She is my sister and she just lives in China now, she is coming home to live with me."

So the lady says to me, "You're getting her sister? I did not think this was possible in China." Ok, let's pause. So the lady knows that people who are referred children in the China program are not usually biologically related but she can not deduce that I am not pregnant but adopting? First child is Asian. Then she adds, "But they won't be real sister's will they?"

Oh great I think, my daughter is watching me so this better be good. I simply say, "We are going to China adopt again and the girls will be sisters." Sort of with the same tone and eye contact that adults use when speaking of a jolly old man who travels the world on December 25 to bring presents to ALL of the world's children in one night.

Miss SAT 1600 says, "But they won't be real sisters?" I am running for the hills here, and grabbing a little set of 3 year old hands to come along. I quickly say, "Yes they will." Ava and I make a bee line for the carrots and dill dip.

I have this sinking feeling this won't be the last one of these conversations in my life time.

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