Friday, October 14, 2005

Performance Review

I have been invited to a few annual performance reviews in the past. I've even received a little bonus at the end on one or two in my day. I did think that since taking my business elsewhere to stay at home momville, I would not have to do the formalized performance review schpeel.

That was until I started doing business with Ava. I think she was looking to check in yesterday. We sat down to work a new Hello Kitty puzzle together. 100 pieces, big stuff. Ava is carefully moving the pieces around to organize them on the carpet. Then she casually looks over to me and says, "So mom, how do you think things are going? You know with us."

Yikes, the last time I heard this I ended up "single" in the 9th grade.

I took a minute to compse myself. And said, "Well gosh honey, I think things are going pretty well with us. We have a pretty great life, you know with the puzzles, snacks, preschool, Daddy, tap dancing etc...." "How do you think things are going?"

"Oh, great Mom just thought I'd ask."

I think that there is a 70 year old lady hidden in my 3 1/2 year old's body.

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Traci S. said...

OH MY WORD!!!! Can you believe that? I'm so grateful that you have this blog to record those moments! I'm glad that you passed.