Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hint #453 Your Child Is Too Old For Nightime Diapers

Last night I sort of hurried through the nighttime routine with Ava. Teeth brushed 2 minutes, chase her into her room 30 seconds, hop into bed 20 seconds, pick out a book and read that book, 5 minutes. Kiss kiss, quick prayer, lights out, Mommy's tired. And, it was was past her bedtime. (Oh, sometimes I feel guilty about rushing the routine, especially when bed and separation are not her fav...but did I mention I was tired?)

Then 10 minutes later..."Mommy, Mommy." She's standing at the top of the stairs. I yell, "Ava go back to bed." Normal. Then she says, "Hey, you forgot to put my nighttime diaper on." I lean over to main muffin man and proclaim, "Crap, she's right." Run upstairs and rush through most of the routine over again...inserting diaper on.

When I came back downstairs I glumly state to my husband, she's old enough to be completely potty trained during the day, she's old enough to read most of her letters, she's old enough to shuffle ball change, and know when I forget the diaper at night. this a sign we should be working on no diaper at night?

He says, "Well, what does it say about that?" What could he mean? "You know the books or people who know about this sort of stuff", he says. "Oh, yeah right this was probably item #453 listed in the raising a kid manual that I accidently left in China."

He sees no humor in my lazy wit and gets quickly back to My Life With Earl. I decide this diapering at night thing is a chore that seems too difficult on the behavior modification chart for me this week. She happily slept through the night...I should NOT complain.

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Traci Smith said...


Valerie is 7.3 years old and STILL wears a pull up at night. She's only been dry through the night twice! If Ava is wet every night then don't sweat the small stuff. Valerie's been to a urologist, allergist, psychic (kidding) and everyone says she's perfectly fine. As for me......they're working on an intervention!

However, if Ava is dry every night then bag the diaper! Wait, did you ask me for my advice? I guess not, just experience from one Mom to another.

Take care!