Monday, October 17, 2005

Don't Forget Those Scented Plastic Bags

I just have to save this one for Olivia before I forget. I admit I am a China stories junkie. They are very popular right now and some are quite good because the parents either A) did not forget their sense of humor or B) just have good writing skills. I also lurk on the national group where you can go read all the chatter of families who have the same log in month as you do. It is sometimes same old same old but sometimes down right hysterical. Ok, mostly never hysterical so this is why I must remember this one.

Some one started a thread about the top 3 things you will be taking to China with you on your adoption trip. Ok, seems helpful right? Some lady actually wrote this...

Ok besides the things everyone else is including(cameras, laptops, toys, cheerio's etc), here are some things on my list.
scented trash bags

Yes, ladies and gentlemen there is one lady out there in the heartland of America who will be traveling all the way to China to pick up the daughter of her dreams and the very first thing she will be packing is scented trash bags. Oh, wouldn't the Hefty people love to get ahold of that one. Maybe I will do them a huge favor and email them so they can design a sappy commerical around an actress pretending to be an adoptive mom flying all the way to China AND remembering to bring along a 2 week supply of SCENTED TRASH BAGS.

Ooh, people kill me. Someone, (NOT ME) needs to tell this lady she will most likely be staying in a 5 star hotel or 2 while in China. And believe it or not 4-5 star hotels will take the trash out for you. Heck, even the Motel Six takes the trash out for heavens sake.

Oooh, I can't wait to see what everyone else is bringing. It is wonderful to get this sort of entertainment payoff after spending WAY TOO MANY hours in front of the computer reading China Adoption stories.

Note to self: bookmark her site and remember to see how the whole trash bag scenario works out for her.

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